Farewell, Dear Readers.

Dear Friends and Readers,

Today is my final post. I made the decision some time ago but decided to await the tenth anniversary of my first post to retire from political blogging (nearly 3000 posts later). On October 15, 2010, I wrote, “I feel very strongly that this country is headed in the wrong direction. By that I mean it is heading away from its founding principles. This has been happening for a long time but the acceleration in the wrong direction under Barack Obama has been breathtaking.”

Well, Obama is gone and we were lucky enough to have a new President who puts America first. However, I am sad to say that the nation did not begin to heal and realize the importance of our constitution and the brilliance of our founding fathers. Indeed, things are worse.

The foundation of our nation strongly depended on a free press. That no longer exists. The “free press” has become a wing of the Democrat Party. 

Goebbels knew that the way to take over a nation was to win the minds of the youth of the nation. Our colleges have simply become another wing of the Democrat Party.

A friend, DT, and political blogger also, shared an editorial by Tom Klingenstein with me. I will draw from Mr. Klingenstein’s excellent piece. It is important that my readers understand that I did not choose the name The Rugged Individualist hastily. I believe the American Way is founded on individual rights, the rule of law, and a shared understanding of the common good. It is a way of life that values hard work and self-reliance.

By contrast, the modern leftists see our nation through the prism of “identity politics” or “intersectionality.” I have written many times about “identity politics” and its dangers. But I never realized just how dangerous it was.

As Mr. Klingenstein points out so appropriately, the leftist agenda “is a revolutionary movement. I do not mean a metaphorical revolution. It is not like a revolution; it is a revolution, an attempt to overthrow the American Founding…”

Political junkies like myself always hear this refrain every leap year: “This is the most important vote you will cast in your lifetime.” But, when they are tearing down statues of Lincoln and Frederick Douglass then we are truly voting for the difference between the America espoused by the “1619 project” versus the 1776 project that has worked ever so hard to live up to the magnificent prose of Thomas Jefferson (yet another great American who must be vilified).

I did not vote for President Trump to be my spiritual counselor, to teach me rhetoric, or because he was a silver-tongued orator. (Indeed, Obama was a “silver-tongued orator” and he was the worst president EVER.) As Mr. Klingenstein observes, “Above all else, and above anyone else, Trump is committed to America. He is unreservedly, unquestionably pro-America. He feels no guilt for America’s past. He makes no apologies. He concedes nothing. These may not always be the attributes one wants in a President, but in this day of woke guilt they are the most essential things. And Trump has unlimited confidence in America.”

Amen to that, Mr. Klingenstein!

The America that I know and love is definitely not “systemically racist.” If the Americans that I know and respect are anything, they are systemically committed to freedom and equal rights for all.

Although I am retiring as a political blogger I still believe what I wrote in my first post: “It matters little to me whether anyone ever reads what I write, but the need within me to write about my perceptions is profound. An argument needs to be made. Every individual needs to speak out, if only to say ‘I disagree.’”

May God help and save this wonderful nation from the fools who cannot understand how fortunate they are to be an AMERICAN (no hyphenation ALLOWED)!

Roy Filly

About Roy Filly

Please read my first blog in which I describe myself and my goals.
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19 Responses to Farewell, Dear Readers.

  1. Bill Wilson says:

    I have always enjoyed reading your daily blog. Thanks for your effort and thoughts. Just now hearing about Twitter and Facebook blocking Biden story about new email discovery on funds from China…election interference. Need to keep voting for Trump!!!!!

  2. Brinson says:

    Your words have weight and ring true. Your voice will be missed.

  3. Janet says:

    Dear Roy,
    It is with great sadness that you are retiring from your blog. Your profound wisdom, insight, advocacy, unwavering and tireless dedication to educating and imparting your knowledge has not fallen on deaf ears. I wish the scales were tipped in our direction but your efforts have been extremely impactful in my life and to the world. Thank you for all that you do and are! I’m one of the LUCKY few who have been blessed with you as a Great mentor, Leader, and Godfather of not just Ultrasound but as the Pioneer and the Ultimate “Rugged Individualist” that lives on, as I refuse to bid you farewell.


  4. Jim Kleiser says:

    Although I only discovered your blog a couple of years ago, I am saddened to see you fold up. I have looked forward each day to your insightful views. Thank you for that. May I offer my best wishes for whatever you do in the future.

  5. Joe Ullman says:

    Best wishes Roy. It was a privilege to read your stuff. I’d heard if you nearly 40 years ago when I started My Radiology residency And hope your readers also know what a significant contributor you were to the progress of ultrasound.

  6. mganzi says:

    Roy, Your blog will be missed. Suggest a book of the good ones, say 3000 pages! As to the no hyphenation of America, could not agree more. Chesterton wrote more than a century ago that he did not understand Judeo-Christian theology: Am I supposed to worship a hyphen?
    All the best.

  7. MaryLena Anderegg says:

    I am sorry to see you close the blog but I do hope you will not leave this group as an individual.

  8. I read every single one of your posts since I discovered them. I get a LOT of email every day, including political posts, and I delete most of them without reading them, but that was not the case with yours. I wish you would reconsider.

  9. David L. Wood, M.D. says:

    Rush Limbaugh is not the only one who has advised that we individual Americans must “speak up” and do our part to oppose this huge negativity finding fertile ground in this country. I too thoroughly appreciate your view since I found it a few years ago. Yours has been a courageous and up-lifting voice and a distinctly encouraging one.

    Best wishes for the rest of your conscious life, and thanks again for your contributions to mine.

  10. Lois Davis says:

    Thank you for your efforts in enlightening the people.

    Until this nation returns to God’s Word, the Bible, the nation will continue to fall The people have to wake up.
    God bless!

  11. Kristen robie says:

    I always looked forward to reading your blog posts. They were always informative enlightening and thought provoking. Your contributions will be miss.

  12. Flayer1 says:

    Oh, this is bad news for me. Please do not hesitate to change your mind and start up again! Until then I will miss your humor and wisdom. Thank you so much.

  13. Barry Mahony says:

    Dear Roy,
    Thank you for each of your Insightful posts over the past 10 years. I will miss them.
    Barry Mahony

    Sent from my iPhone

  14. Ed says:

    Awwwww what a bummer. But I respect your decision. Have read your posts every day for the last several years. Will surely be missed. Good luck and good health and thank you very much for contributing to my knowledge.

  15. Louis Green says:

    I’m one of the very lucky ones in that I play golf with this guy four times a week. I can still benefit from his observations and wisdom at a very small cost…he gets all and any yellow golf balls that may come our way as we play the game of a lifetime. We jokingly give each other putts that are a stretch of credulity stating that our “grandmothers” surely would concede these putts. Only person I feel comfortable wearing a MAGA hat while playing golf. Best wishes for happiness in your future endeavors. Lou

  16. MaryfromMarin says:

    Mr. Filly, I have appreciated your posts for many years and passed many of them on (to friends, family, and twitter!) I echo and agree with the comments above. Your voice and detailed, analytical views will be sorely missed.

    If you get bored, think about posting from time to time! We will be listening….


    MaryfromMarin (a fellow Bay Area resident)

  17. Lawrence D Platt says:

    I hope this is a delayed April fool’s joke. Your words are always significant as have your contributions to Ultrasound and healthcare. at this time in our nation, your voice is needed more than ever. You are an inspiration to your readers who have looked for your Blog each and every time, For memory sake, perhaps you can publish a compendium of all your Blogs. I will gladly be first in line to order then for gifts.
    In closing, I have missed our personal interaction these last few years but always think about all you have done in making sure the next generation is well educated. If the compendium is not in the cards then perhaps you will consider coming out of retirement and continue to write these excellent articles. Thank you again for all these years as “The Rugged Individualist”
    Larry Platt

  18. Clay says:

    Hi & Goodbye Roy, Thanks for your blog. As you may remember, I do one too, but decidedly not political. Your thoughtful, sincere ideas and reflections impressed me all the more as you are a Californian (although I enjoy a few other writers of columns who based in California for the time being). Clay Ellis, former New Yorker now a Mississippian.

    On Thursday, October 15, 2020 9:49am, “The Rugged Individualist” said:

    Roy Filly posted: ” Dear Friends and Readers, Today is my final post. I made the decision some time ago but decided to await the tenth anniversary of my first post to retire from political blogging (nearly 3000 posts later). On October 15, 2010, I wrote, “I feel very str”

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