And these are the people that will elect Joe Biden.

These college students are asked a series of questions about our nation’s history and current politics. The answers (or, more accurately, their inability to answer) sheds a great deal of light on our “electorate.”

And thanks to RH for sending this to me.

Roy Filly

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6 Responses to And these are the people that will elect Joe Biden.

  1. David L. Wood, M.D. says:

    Good Grief Charlie Brown! How could they not know the most Important US History times? Who is Brad Pitt? HA!

  2. Flayer1 says:

    The poster for why not to lower the voting age. Actually, a good is argument is front and center to raise it.

  3. Madeline Quirk says:

    I tried to share on Facebook but was prevented because ir was considered abusive!!!

  4. Mark F says:

    God help us all! Their parents should be shot. Obviously, college admissions standards have been radically lowered. Imagine accruing student debt and still being stupid.

  5. Pat says:

    And the Dems want to forgive their college debts? Rather than forgiving their debts, that money should go to re-educate their primary, middle and high school teachers!

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