Politics in cartoon form.

Forget “packing the court” (although I believe Biden will do it), there is a lot more about which to be concerned.

Yeah, right! Perhaps incompetence will save us.

The Pelosi “quiver.” Remind me, please, has she yet to decry the violence of the left -wing mobs?

How could anyone vote for a party that espouses defunding the police?

The strangest thing about this election is that this bizarre strategy appears to be working.

Not only has Newsome banned gas-driven cars, but now he’s looking at banning natural gas.

Perhaps it is the black community that will save this election.

Harry Reid was warned… but, of course, people like Harry never look to the future. He and his ilk are only concerned about the next vote.

No explanation required!


Roy Filly

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2 Responses to Politics in cartoon form.

  1. David L. Wood, M.D. says:


  2. Regarding BLM, you can bet they wanted the police and other first responders to die on 9/11, too — in fact, they actually DID the 9/11 attacks (along with Al-Qaida, Muslim Brotherhood and a lot of others!)

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