Politics in cartoon form.

You must see the humor in this one if you have been following the news!


Apropos of my recent post.


Another safe space required!


Only 5 NATO nations (including the USA) meet the obligation to spend 2% of their GDP on defense.


Roy Filly

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Kinda interestin’.

What do Europeans think of other Europeans? Perhaps the EU isn’t as “U” as it should be. Personally, I think the French that consider themselves the “most arrogant” are correct and those that consider themselves the “least arrogant” are way off base. It is of some interest that the majority of European nations vote for themselves as “least arrogant” and “most compassionate.”


And thanks to PK for sending this to me.

Roy Filly

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Who is terrify illegal aliens?

All the problems we face in the United States today can be traced to an unenlightened immigration policy on the part of the American Indian.

Pat Paulsen (a funny guy)

One of the critical issues that we have to confront is illegal immigration, because this is a multi-headed Hydra that affects our economy, our health care, our education systems, our national security, and also our local criminality.

Allen West (a strong conservative)

I don’t see how the party that says it’s the party of the family is going to adopt an immigration policy that destroys families that have been here a quarter century.

Newt Gingrich (a strong conservative)

The above quotes document that this is a dicey issue.

Allow me to begin with some statements that show you positions I have taken. We will never move on as a united country until we solve our immigration problem. I am in favor of legal immigration. I am opposed to illegal immigration. I favor building “The Wall.” All criminal illegals should be removed. However, only approximately 900,000 illegals have committed crimes. The most commonly quoted estimates for the number of illegals in the USA is 11 million. (There are higher estimates on which I have previously posted.) I believe it is impossible (and pragmatically inadvisable) to deport the remaining 10 million people (if the true number is 20 million, the task is even more draconian.) This is a complex issue. Its solution or failure cannot rest on a single word – “amnesty.” Like it or not – and I don’t – there must be a path to “citizenship/legal status/non-illegal status/legal, but non-voting, status” – choose one from column A and one from column B.

OK. Now that you know where I am “coming from” we can address the issue at hand.

If you listen to the left-wing media these illegal immigrants are terrified. That great bastion of statist drivel, the New York Times, describes these 11 million people as “sleepless with anxiety, waiting for the fists pounding on the door, the agents in black, the van ride, the cell.” Really?

Thomas Sowell instructs that the left focuses on “the plight” of those who have broken the law. They want to lift “the stigma” and “ease the pressures they feel,” so that they can “come out of the shadows” and “normalize” their lives. According to progressive/statist /altruists even using the word “illegal” is mean-spirited or “racist” – their favorite word to describe anyone who disagrees with them.

However, if you or I do something criminal, no one worries about the fact the we must “live in fear” of law enforcement coming for us – forcing us to “live in the shadows.” No one bothers to come up with euphemisms to keep from calling what we did as “illegal.”

[Source: How Illegal Immigrant Advocates Demonize Trump and Terrify People, by Liz Peek]

And if it is true that “illegals” are terrified, who exactly is terrifying them? The answer is the left-wing media, not the Trump administration. The media, in their headlong pursuit to demonize the Trump administration, has purposefully distorted President Trump’s immigration policies. They characterize them erroneously as “a radical departure from past practices.”

The Democratic Legislative Campaign Committee claims that “Donald Trump plans to add thousands of immigration agents and begin deporting ‘almost all’ undocumented immigrants.” Surprise, surprise! FAKE NEWS!

President Trump recently announced that the “Dreamers” would not be deported (same as President Obama). Homeland Security has stated that people who have lived in the country for two years or more will not be vulnerable to “expedited removal.”

[From the Peek article] The hysteria over recent ICE operations is a great example of how Trump’s policies are being misrepresented. Last week, Immigration and Customs Enforcement officials arrested 680 individuals, “stoking fears that the Trump administration is increasing the arrests and deportations of undocumented immigrants,” as The Times reported.

Another news organization proclaimed that “Panic” and “terror” is… running through immigrant communities in the US following raids carried out across at least six states as part of Donald Trump’s pledge to crack down on illegal immigrants.

But the head of ICE in LA said, “These operations take weeks and sometimes months of planning, so this operation was in the planning stages before the current administration came out with the executive orders.” In other words, the raids had nothing to do with Trump.

Instead, they were a continuation of Obama’s deportation program. It turns out that in 2009, ICE arrested on average 675 people per week. Under Obama, that figure rose to a weekly 771.

Remember that Obama was called the “Deporter in Chief” by La Raza because his administration threw people out of the country at an unprecedented rate. As the LA Times noted last fall, “Since taking office in 2009, Obama has expelled 2.5 million people, more than any other president.”

Therefore the Trump policies are even less aggressive than the Obama policies. The people saying and writing things that terrify people illegally in our country are THE LEFT-WING MEDIA.

Roy Filly



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Just one cartoon today.

We expected that our new president would encounter extreme resistance from the Democrat Party. However, we now are witnessing the resistance of the Republican Party – resistance on tax reform, the replacement for Obamacare, fixing our immigration system. If they don’t get their act together they will be the “majority party” for only one election cycle.


Roy Filly

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The “enemy of the American people.”

President Trump tweeted that the news media “is not my enemy, it is the enemy of the American People!

Good God! One would have thought it was December 7, 1941 again from the reaction of the lame-stream media. They nearly claimed it was another day “that would live in infamy.” They certainly did not hold back from their usual comparisons to Lenin, Stalin, Mao and Mussolini. Of course, their favorite appellation, “fascist,” was also tossed around.

The media have yet to learn that our new president does not shy away from a fight. They also need to learn that they are remarkably one-sided in their criticisms. Let’s take a walk own memory lane.

[Source: The left’s hypocrisy on Trump’s ‘enemy of the American People’ comment, by Marc A. Theissen]

Back in 2010, Obama blurted out a telling insight into his personal views on how to deal with his political adversaries: “We’re gonna punish our enemies, and we’re gonna reward our friends who stand with us…” Did you hear the hew and cry from the media for his choice of words? I didn’t either!

Perhaps you recall that during the first Democratic presidential debate, Hillary Clinton was asked “Which enemy are you most proud of?” and she replied, “Well, in addition to the NRA, the health insurance companies, the drug companies, the Iranians? Probably the Republicans.” So, Mrs. Clinton compared Republicans (that would be me) to true enemies – state sponsors of terrorism – actually the world’s leading sponsor of terrorism. Time for the media to start calling her Mrs. Stalin, etc, etc. You remember the outrage from the media. Don’t you? Me either. I never heard a word – but did hear a lot of chuckling.

Secretary of State Clinton compared ME to a regime that took dozens of our diplomats hostage for more than a year, help to kill numerous US service personnel fighting in Iraq, and who is responsible for countless terrorist attacks that have killed hundreds of Americans. Of course, you remember the outrage of the press for this heartless comment. No? ME EITHER!

Maybe Trump’s tweet was ill advised, but it was closer to “true” than to “false.”

Roy Filly

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Offered without comment.

A visual analysis of this “distribution” speaks volumes.


If you need proof that “the media” is a left-wing commercial, simply look below.


Roy Filly

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The climate change debate just got some useful information.

Of those efforts by global warming alarmists, none have been more solidly debunked than their “modeling” of the dismal future that awaits Planet Earth. The following executive summary is from a paper that looks deeply into these “models.” The author, Judith Curry, is an eminent climate scientist (footnote). She wrote it for the “non-scientist,” but was only partially successful in making it truly understandable.

And importantly, this speaks directly to the frequent and bogus claim that 97% of scientists agree that global warming is “real,” “man-caused,” and portends “disaster.”

Executive Summary

There is considerable debate over the fidelity and utility of global climate models (GCMs). (If 97% of climate scientists “agree” why would there be cause for “debate” – RF.) This debate occurs within the community of climate scientists, who disagree about the amount of weight to give to climate models relative to observational analyses. Economists, regulatory agencies and policy makers also use GCM outputs; GCMs have received considerable scrutiny from a broader community of scientists, engineers, software experts, and philosophers of science. (These experts are usually disregarded by the global warming alarmists – RF.) This report attempts to describe the debate surrounding GCMs to an educated but nontechnical audience.

Key summary points

  • GCMs have not been subject to the rigorous verification and validation that are norm for engineering and regulatory science.
  • There are valid concerns about a fundamental lack of predictability in the complex nonlinear climate system. (If you want to see visual evidence that these “models” are total nonsense, click here – RF.)
  • There are numerous arguments supporting the conclusion that climate models are not fit for the purpose of identifying with high confidence the proportion of the 20th century warming that was human-caused as opposed to natural.
  • There is growing evidence that climate models predict too much warming from increased atmospheric carbon dioxide.
  • The climate model simulation results for the 21st century reported by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) do not include key elements of climate variability, and hence are not useful as projections for how the 21st century climate will actually evolve.

Climate models are useful tools for conducting scientific research to understand the climate system. However, the above points support the conclusion that current GCMs are not fit for the purpose of attributing the causes of 20th century warming or for predicting global or regional climate change on timescales of decades to centuries, with any high level of confidence. By extension, GCMs are not fit for the purpose of justifying political policies to fundamentally alter world social, economic and energy systems. It is this application of climate model results that fuels the vociferousness of the debate surrounding climate models.

Hmm. I guess 97% of climate scientists will be coming after Professor Curry with pitchforks, feathers, tar, and a rail.

And thank to HP for sending this to me.

Roy Filly


Judith A. Curry is an American climatologist and former chair of the School of Earth and Atmospheric Sciences at the Georgia Institute of Technology. Her research interests include hurricanes, remote sensing, atmospheric modeling, polar climates, air-sea interactions, and the use of unmanned aerial vehicles for atmospheric research. She is a member of the National Research Council’s Climate Research Committee. As of 2017, she has retired from academia.

Curry is the co-author of Thermodynamics of Atmospheres and Oceans (1999), and co-editor of Encyclopedia of Atmospheric Sciences (2002), as well as over 140 scientific papers. Among her awards is the Henry G. Houghton Research Award from the American Meteorological Society in 1992.

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Politics in cartoon form.

The “campaign” by the media to derail Trump simply will not work. Trump is doing exactly what he said he would do. Republicans and cross-over Democrats that voted for him are not going to be angry at Trump for fulfilling his campaign promises. Indeed, it will be just the opposite. The Democrats should relearn the old schoolyard children’s rhyme: Sticks and stones may break my bones but names will never hurt me.


The Obama “shadow government” may be worse than his “actual” government. Trust me; it’s not easy to be worse than that. When the leakers are caught (and they will be) I hope they are prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.


Roy Filly

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Trump speaks the truth to NATO.

Trump sent three high ranking members of his administration to Europe last week to assure our NATO allies that his administration continues to support the transatlantic treaty. But, his representatives also told them to pony up (originating from the latin word “Pone” (said like pony), which means money) – and for good reason.


Roy Filly

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Quite a month.

The mainstream media are frantically trying to discredit the new Trump administration. They say that the White House “is in turmoil.” But the way I see it he has accomplished more in one month than Obama did in eight years – and I like what Trump has accomplished. Obama… not so much.

Obama’s big accomplishment in his first year was Obamacare (ouch) and it wasn’t passed until December 24, 2009 (336 days into his presidency). In his first month he signed “the stimulus” boondoggle that got all of those famous “shovel-ready projects” on the move – you remember that trillion-dollar waste of money. He banned water boarding and signed an executive order to close Guantanamo (Trump signed an executive order to keep Guantanamo open and to incarcerate ISIS fighters there).

Here is Trump’s first month:

  • Selecting Neil Gorsuch For The Supreme Court
  • Ordering The Construction Of The Border Wall
  • Undermining Obamacare
  • Killing The Trans-Pacific Partnership Trade Deal
  • Approving The Dakota Access Pipeline And The Keystone Pipeline
  • Putting Out An Executive Order Instructing The DOJ And Homeland Security to Withhold “Federal Funds, Except As Mandated By Law” From Sanctuary Cities
  • Ordered Federal Agencies To Cut Two Regulations For Every New One They Propose
  • Reinstating The Mexico City Policy (bars U.S. government funding to international non-governmental agencies that perform abortions – pro or con on the abortion issue, you and I shouldn’t need to pay for it)
  • Freezing all Federal Hiring Outside of the Military
  • Reversed a planned cut on mortgage insurance for many first-time homebuyers.
  • Ended a policy known as “catch and release,” under which some immigrants are released from detention while they await a hearing with an immigration judge.
  • Got assurances from major corporations for new business investments (will equal jobs in the U.S.)

[Source: Donald Trump’s Top 10 Accomplishments in His First Month in Office, by John Hawkins]

Roy Filly



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