Identity politics and ‘race baiting.’

I am continually surprised that the Democrat Party does not see the danger in “identity politics” and “race baiting.” I contend that responsibility for the violent street protests and officer assassinations lays at the feet of a Democrat Party that as spent the past 40 years telling Americans why they are DIFFERENT from one another.

If you are a woman, you need to be angry with men. If you are Black or Hispanic you need to be angry with whites. If you are poor you need to be angry with the rich. If you are gay or lesbian you need to be angry with everyone else, as long as they are a Republican – apparently there is not a single “homophobe” in the Democrat Party. When one is both “angry” and “feeble-minded” it eventually leads to violence – or, at a minimum, ill will among fellow Americans.

If we take racial discrimination as an example, we have an opportunity to see the false narrative spawned by progressive/statist/altruists. I am not saying that there is no racial discrimination in our country – or, as a corollary, that slavery didn’t have consequences. The question is what are the effects that can be measured in today’s American society that can be attributed to racial discrimination or the aftermath of slavery.

Members of every nation have been enslaved. The only issue is how long ago. The word “slave” actually originates from the word “Slav.” The Slavs were the most enslaved group of humans in the history of the world. Does the Democrat Party try to pit Slavic Americans against black Americans with a narrative that says “they have been discriminated against more so than you.” No. Why? No votes to be gotten there.

We need a few facts.

[Source: What Can Discrimination Explain? By Walter E Williams] I used other sources, as well.


  1. Approximately 500,000 Africans were transported to the United States as slaves. Currently, around 38 and half million black people live in the US. It is estimated that by 2060, black population in the US will reach 74.5 million. Only one non-African nation, Brazil, has more black people than the USA. Of 41 African nations, only six have a larger black population than the United States. American blacks are more numerous than the populations of Uganda, Sudan, Ghana, Mozambique, Ivory Coast, Angola, Cameroon, Niger, Mali, Malawi, Zambia, Senegal, Zimbabwe, Chad, Guinea, Rwanda, South Sudan, Benin, Somalia, Burundi, Togo, Sierra Leone, the Central African Republic and the list goes on.
  2. If black America were a country, it would be the 15th wealthiest country in the world (out of 196 countries). Yes, there is a “wealth gap” between white and black Americans. But our nation has not been “all bad” for black Americans. The nation where blacks are the richest is Bermuda, where they also came as slaves and indentured servants. A narrative that “slavery held them back” is demeaning to blacks and denies their great efforts to succeed as “rugged individualists.”
  3. The average black American employed in a full-time job earns $32, 021 per year. Compared to black African nations in western Africa where any racial inequality would befall non-blacks we can look at the eight countries in the region that are members of the West Africa Economy and Monetary Union (Benin, Burkina Faso, Cote d’Ivoire, Guinea-Bissau, Mali, Niger, Senegal and Togo). These nations share a common currency, a common central bank, a development bank, a regional stock exchange and a common banking regulator. The average yearly income in West Africa is $309. This compares with an average yearly income in Sub-Saharan Africa of $470. Thus, a black American earns more than 100 times that of a black West African.
  4. Analyzed data from the U.S. National Vital Statistics System, published in the Journal of the American Medical Association, shows that the life expectancy at birth for non-Hispanic black men has risen from 68.8 to 70.8 years and for non-Hispanic white men rose from 75.3 to 76.2 years. These new statistics lowered the differences in the average lifespans for the groups from 6.5 years to 5.4 years. Thus, black Americans are advancing more rapidly than white Americans in longevity. By contrast, the life expectancy for blacks in Africa is lower in every nation than for black Americans and as low as 46.5 years in Sierra Leone.

Another perspective is “what has a progressive/statist/altruist agenda” done for black Americans? It is a legitimate estimate to date the federal governments’ efforts to help “even the playing field for blacks” to the late 1960s – the beginning of the “War on Poverty” and “The Great Society” of President Johnson.


  1. From the late 1940s to the mid-1950s, black youth unemployment was slightly less than or equal to white youth unemployment. Today black youth unemployment is at least double that of white youth unemployment.
  2. During the 1940s, the illegitimacy rate among blacks was around 15 percent. Today’s black illegitimacy rate is about 73 percent.
  3. In the same period, about 80 percent of black children were born inside marriage. In fact, historian Herbert Gutman, in an article titled “Persistent Myths about the Afro-American Family” in the Journal of Interdisciplinary History (Autumn 1975), reported the percentage of black two-parent families, depending on the city, ranged from 75 to 90 percent. Today only a little over 30 percent of black children are raised in two-parent households. [Directly from Professor Williams article.]
  4. According to the National Assessment of Educational Progress, sometimes referred to as The Nation’s Report Card, nationally, the average black 12th-grader’s test scores are either basic or below basic in reading, writing, math and science. “Below basic” is the score received when a student is unable to demonstrate even partial mastery of knowledge and skills fundamental for proficient work at his grade level. [Directly from Professor Williams article.]
  5. While these statistics bode poorly for the current generation of black American youth, some 46 million African children — nearly half the school-age population — have never set foot in a classroom, according to the United Nations.
  6. The cities where black academic achievement is the lowest are the very cities where Democrats have been in charge for decades and where blacks have been mayors, city councilors, superintendents, school principals and teachers. Plus, these cities have large educational budgets. [Directly from Professor Williams article.]

So one must ask, are the results above those that emanate from racial discrimination? One would be hard pressed to blame racial discrimination for the above facts. To my way of thinking it is easier to blame “altruism.” As well, and as noted, it demeans the hard efforts of innumerable black Americans to become successful.

I do not say this to brag, but if a resident in Radiology is my student they are at the pinnacle of academic achievement. Radiology residencies are among the most sought after. The University of California, San Francisco Radiology Residency is number one in the nation. So when I look at my black students, I can say with certainty – they got there by extraordinary hard work. Portraying them as victims that need help from white people is demeaning – and flagrantly WRONG. Indeed, if one is interested in “diversity,” then TAKE A PICTURE OF MY STUDENTS.

My friends, the policies of progressive/statist/altruists are anathema to black Americans. Why they continue to vote for programs that are a bane to their progress eludes me.

Roy Filly


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This is perfect.

It isn’t just President Obama who is lost without a teleprompter. It appears the Democrat Party, in general, needs a teleprompter when reciting something difficult for an American to remember – like the Pledge of Allegiance! Of course, a major assumption is that they can read!

Film maker Dinesh Desouza noticed something a little odd at the Democratic National Convention on Monday.


And thanks to JM for sending this to me

Roy Filly

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Nice sentiment. A Democrat, do ya’ think?

No commentary. Just read it!

Mail Attachment

And thanks to BC for sending this to me.

Roy Filly

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No wonder the Brits voted for Brexit!

The reasons that British citizens opted for Brexit are manifold. However, one’s wallet is always a preeminent reason. See graph below. Would you want to be tied with Greece in an economic competition?


And, by the by, did you see your paycheck go up 6.4% this year? I didn’t. What’s up with that, Mr. President?

Roy Filly

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For your viewing enjoyment.

Clever, clever, clever! And, as well, “food for thought!”



How do you explain this statistic, Mr. President? Could it be that you have roiled race relations and failed to stop ISIS? And, by the by, if Reagan was President now ISIS would be WASWAS!



The cartoon below is sadly true – but the premise that we need “illegals” to fill jobs that Americans will not take is false.


Why does the anti-gun lobby continue the false narrative that more guns cause more violent crime.


The following graph shows an inverse relationship between gun ownership and violent crime.


Roy Filly

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Thirty thousand emails missing. Wouldn’t you like to know what was in them?

The Clinton campaign stepped in “it” yesterday – not that the media will take any note of it.

Hillary Clinton freely admits that she deleted thirty thousand emails from her private, unsecured server (footnote). “I chose not to keep my private personal emails — emails about planning Chelsea’s wedding or my mother’s funeral arrangements, condolence notes to friends as well as yoga routines, family vacations, the other things you typically find in inboxes”

So, say you, we knew that. What’s the big deal. The big deal arose from a news conference by Donald Trump, answer I. In a tongue in cheek comment after learning that the Russians hacked the DNC computer (and presumably hacked Hillary’s private email server, as well) he said, “Russia, if you’re listening, I hope you’re able to find the 30,000 emails that are missing, I think you will probably be rewarded mightily by our press.”

The left-wing media, and a number of Democrats, denounced it as “treasonous.” Charles Krauthammer immediately picked up on the problem with such an accusation. If it is “treasonous,” then there must have been classified (or at a minimum, sensitive) information in the deleted emails. How could publishing Hillary’s “yoga routines” constitute “treason”?

I, for one, would like to know what was in those emails. Wouldn’t you? I suspect that if criminal charges are to spring forth from this episode, it will not be a charge of “treason” against Donald Trump, but “obstruction of justice” against Hillary Clinton.

Roy Filly

Footnote: Hillary thought she was “safe.” There are three important points below. First, she believed that the emails could not be retrieved after her lawyers “wiped the server clean” – many a criminal has gone down the tubes believing that one. It is possible they have been found already and turned over to the FBI. Second, she didn’t consider the possibility that the server may have hacked by the Russians and, thus, “wiping it clean” closed the barn door after the horse had already bolted. And third, the emails were erased AFTER a subpoena had been served by Congress! Isn’t that “obstruction” by definition?


Hillary deletes 30k personal emails: After receiving a congressional subpoena for emails relating to the attacks in Benghazi, Hillary Clinton and her lawyers “wiped the server clean”

Clinton was under a subpoena order from the panel for all documents related to the 2012 attacks on the American compound there. But David Kendall, an attorney for Clinton, said the 900 pages of emails previously provided to the panel cover its request. Kendall also informed the committee that Clinton’s emails from her time at the State Department have been permanently erased.

In a letter provided to the committee, Kendall said Clinton would not be turning over the server to a third-party for review and that the emails no longer exist on the private server located in her New York home.

“There is no basis to support the proposed third-party review of the server that hosted the (private email) account,” Kendall wrote. “To avoid prolonging a discussion that would be academic, I have confirmed with the secretary’s IT support that no emails…..for the time period January 21, 2009 through February 1, 2013 reside on the server or on any back-up systems associated with the server”


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The Coup in Turkey against President Erdogan.

With friends like this, who needs enemies. And remember, this is AFTER the coup attempt. He was already well down this road before the coup attempt – it was probably the main reason for the coup attempt.


Roy Filly

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The Constitution at stake in this election.

Some advocates of “strict constructionism” have advocated a constitutional convention. They would like to see a “balanced budget” amendment. The reaction from the progressive /statist/altruists has been hostile. They vehemently denounce such an effort and call it “messing with the Constitution.”

Despite the fact that this is a method defined within the Constitution, it is ironic that the left opposes it as “dangerous” when, in fact, no group has “messed with the Constitution” more so than Democrat Party thought-adherents. And they have been doing it for a hundred years.

[Source: Messing with the Constitution, by Thomas Sowell]

Professor Thomas Sowell briefly outlines how progressive/statist/altruists have been so doing. [From Dr. Sowell’s article] This began with Progressives like Woodrow Wilson, who openly declared the Constitution an impediment to the kinds of “reforms” the Progressive movement wanted, and urged judges to “interpret” the Constitution in such a way as to loosen its limits on federal power.

It has long been a complaint of the left that the process of amending the Constitution is too hard, so they have depended on federal judges — especially Supreme Court Justices — to amend the Constitution, de facto and piecemeal, in a leftward direction.

This judicial amendment process has been going on now for generations, so that today government officials at the local, state or national level can often seize private property in disregard of the 5th Amendment’s protections.

For nearly 40 years, the Supreme Court has been evading the 14th Amendment’s provision of “equal protection” of the law for all, in order to let government-imposed group preferences and quotas continue, under the name of “affirmative action.”

Equal rights under the law have been made to vanish by saying the magic word “diversity,” whose sweeping benefits are simply assumed and proclaimed endlessly, rather than demonstrated.

The judicial pretense of merely “interpreting” the Constitution is just part of the dishonesty in this process. The underlying claim that it is almost impossible to amend the Constitution was belied during the very years when the Progressive movement was getting underway in the early 20th century.

The Constitution was amended four times in eight years! (The 26th Amendment, lowering the voting age to 18, was ratified in 100 days in 1971—in time for the 1972 election – RF). Over the years since it was adopted, the Constitution has been amended more than two dozen times. Why, then, is the proposal to call a convention of states to propose — just propose — amendments to the Constitution considered such a radical and dangerous departure?

Legally, it is no departure at all. The Constitution itself lists a convention of states among the ways that amendments can be officially proposed. It has not yet been done, but these proposals will have to be put to a vote of the states, three-fourths of whom will have to agree before any amendment can become law.

Is it better to have the Constitution amended de facto by a 5 to 4 vote of the Supreme Court? By the unilateral actions of a president? By administrative rulings by anonymous bureaucrats in federal agencies, to whom federal judges “defer”?

The idea that a convention of states could run amok and rewrite the Constitution overlooks the fact that it would take the votes of two-thirds of the states just to convene a convention, and then three-fourths of the states to actually pass an amendment.

Far from proposing radical departures from the Constitution, most… proposed amendments would restore Constitutional protections that have been surreptitiously eroded by unelected federal judges and by unelected bureaucrats in administrative agencies, who create a major part of “the law of the land,” with the help of “deference” from federal judges.

Why are “We the People” to be kept out of all this, through our elected representatives, when these are the very words with which the Constitution of the United States begins?

Despite the left’s portrayal of themselves as champions of the people, they consistently try to move decisions out of the hands of the general public and into the hands of officials insulated from the voters, such as unelected federal judges and anonymous bureaucrats with iron-clad job protection.

No wonder they don’t want to have a convention that would restore a Constitution which begins with “We the People.”

If Hillary wins and unbalances the Supreme Court further, you will see “judicial activism” that will make the Warren Court look “conservative.”

Roy Filly

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Energy policy – the Obama Doctrine.

In a world of energy needs, the Obama administration has the gall to try to beat fossil fuels to death with one hand while taking credit for the fossil fuel economic boom with the other. It was difficult not to smack one’s forehead when our stalwart leader made the following proclamations implying that his leadership drove the results: “We’ve cut our imports of foreign oil by nearly 60 percent and cut carbon pollution more than any other country on Earth (but he neglects to mention that the major reason that U.S. carbon emissions are falling is that cheap and clean-burning natural gas, due to shale drilling, is becoming the No. 1 source of electricity production in America). Gas under two bucks a gallon ain’t bad, either.”

This from the socialist who with every stroke of his “pen” tried to destroy the energy companies who made the massive capitalist investment for which he would like to credit!

By the by, as an aside, did you ever notice that when gas prices are high the Democrat Party accuses the oil industry of price fixing to gouge consumers. If oil companies were able to do that, then why would they allow gasoline prices to drop if, in fact, they have “monopolistic control?” The answer, of course, is that they do not have control, but instead are in a brutally price-competitive industry.

[Source: Don’t Thank Obama for Cheap Oil, by Stephen Moore]

Right after Obama boasted about “his accomplishments,” he reverted back to bashing fossil fuels: “We’ve got to accelerate the transition away from dirty energy… I’m going to push to change the way we manage our oil and coal resources, so that they better reflect the costs they impose on taxpayers and our planet.” The political translation: “I plan to kill these industries.”

The Obama EPA has issued three regulations in the last year designed to do exactly that. The clean power plant rule, the methane rule and tougher clean air statutes are designed to cripple fossil fuel energy generation.

Ask yourself, what is the only thing that Obama can brag about when it comes to the economy. The answer, of course, is the “unemployment rate” – although it is a number that needs a lot of interpretation these days. The irony is that, during his first term, all the net new jobs created in America came from oil and gas as fracking took off in Texas, Oklahoma, North Dakota, West Virginia, Ohio and Pennsylvania.

The Obama administration has curtailed drilling on federal lands. He plans to raise taxes on fossil fuel production. He stopped the Keystone XL pipeline (and is basically against any pipeline). He continued to “invest” in solar power despite the disastrous economic record being compiled by these companies. and he just handed out hundreds of millions of dollars to keep these industries from bankruptcy. Other than that, he’s pro-oil and pro-gas.

While our President will take credit for low gasoline prices, in fact he wants the opposite. It is the only way his favored solar and wind generation companies can possibly compete.

Roy Filly


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Food for thought!

Truth in humor!

13592180_1043900972314174_6255619646075242979_n 13615377_659744290844010_3779158064711379734_n

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Roy Filly

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