Identity politics – “the three Vs.”

Over the past several years I have found John C. Goodman to be a source of important observations. I have written about the dangers of identity politics (as practiced by the Democrat Party) on multiple occasions;

[Source: Why Liberal Democrats Ignored Sexual Harassment for So Many Years, by John C. Goodman]

In his article, Mr. Goodman makes many excellent points;

  • Democrat politics is no longer about issues and hasn’t been for nearly half a century (Forty-five years ago George McGovern was the last Democratic presidential nominee to run an “issues campaign”).
  • Name a single issue the was a highlight of Hillary Clinton’s 2016 campaign? Having trouble? Me too!

The message from the Democrat Party is: 1. If you are black, vote for a democrat because you are black; 2. If you are a woman, vote for a democrat because you are a woman; 3. If you are an Hispanic, vote for a democrat because you are an Hispanic; 4. If you are gay or lesbian, vote for a democrat because you are gay or lesbian; 5. If you are an immigrant, vote for a democrat because you are an immigrant.

But the unbelievable aspect of this approach by the Democrat Party is that they don’t tell these groups how they plan to help them. Instead they tell them they should “vote” democrat because they are “victims” and want “vengeance” – the three Vs of democrat politics as Mr. Goodman instructs.

The Democrat Party only points out to voters their setbacks and disappointments. They are VICTIMS. Then they tell them that it is the Republican Party that has caused their problems and that they can seek VENGEANCE by VOTING Democrat. Identity politics is not about policy. It’s about inducing voters to go to the polls angry at Republicans.

Agree or disagree, the issues that one sees brought forth during election cycles (the ones that the media perseverates upon) are all notions put forth by conservatives and include: the flat tax, the fair tax, school choice, privatization, private Social Security accounts, etc. The Democrat Party does not offer their own set of solutions. The latest Republican policy plan is a revision of the 82,000 page tax law. If you can find the Democrat plan you will have done better than I did. There is no Democrat tax plan alternative. Instead they entire mantra is to tell voters to FEAR the Republican proposal.

Black Americans (who overwhelmingly vote Democrat) should be aware that there hasn’t been new policy put forth by the Democrat Party to help Black Americans for 50 years.

I live near San Francisco. If San Francisco isn’t the most liberal city in America it must be close. It is also VERY RICH. So what are the policies for black and Hispanic Americans that are working wonders in San Francisco?

San Francisco was once a national beacon of African-American culture, home to a thriving jazz scene that had so many clubs it was known as the Harlem of the West. One of seven residents was black in 1970. Today, it is nearly one of 20, with most of the city’s 46,000 blacks living in public housing. The most remarkable thing a black American might see walking the streets of San Francisco is another Black American. Furthermore, black children do worse in San Francisco schools than anywhere else in the entire state.

San Francisco’s Mission District is a distinctive part of San Francisco City life. The district’s unique character grew out of the Latino community that long ago took root in the Mission. But it is a population that a new city report shows is increasingly at risk of being pushed out amid a relentless increase in housing prices. The study, by the Board of Supervisors budget and legislative analyst, found that if current trends continue, the Mission’s Latino population will fall from 60 percent in 2000 to 31 percent in 2025.

[Directly from the Goodman article] It’s almost a rule of modern political science: wherever you find minority children attending bad schools, Democrats are probably in charge. Ditto for the worst housing. And the worst environmental dangers.

For many years, the only people who seemed to care about helping black children escape bad schools were conservative Republicans. Wealthy Republican donors set up private school choice programs all over the country…

My friends, the Democrat Party is bankrupt of ideas. They tried their ideas (war on poverty, welfare, etc.) and they have failed to the tune of trillions of dollars. Now, their raison d’être is to foment hatred against white Republican Americans by other racial groups and all Republicans by women, gays, lesbians, and immigrants. Frankly, I find it to be despicable.

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4 Responses to Identity politics – “the three Vs.”

  1. David l. Wood says:

    The degree of degradation of rational thinking and honesty by the Democrats (Republican elites too) that is so prevalently reported by the media is “despicable squared.” The revelations of the vastly extensive scandals of elicit sexual activities to the gravest considerable accusations upon Republicans of the very Democrat culpable actions are hard to accept or even conceptualize.

    A remarkably clear example of the Democrat methodology is as follows: Picture a large state banquet with expensive, pure-silver place-settings. The Democrats steal the silver settings, but before anyone discovers the theft, they (the Democrats) loudly claim: “the Republicans have stolen the silver place-settings.” There is suddenly a huge problem in attempting to prove innocence; particularly when the media all over the country proclaim the event for a long period of time. The story reaches the whole citizenry shortly, and many accept the plausibility of such a terrible act, even when ultimately the story is proved false.

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