Incontrovertible evidence that “systemic racism” is a myth.

You hear it all of the time on the left-wing media outlets. The United States of America is plagued by “systemic racism.” If you Google “systemic racism in the US,” you get 69,400,000 results. Look again! More than 69 MILLION results. It must be true if Uncle Google says so.

If minorities were systematically downtrodden, how could any succeed, let alone excel. Black Lives Matter (BLM) tells us that America discriminates against all “people of color.” By that, they mean people who are Black, Hispanic or any other race that is not white. Furthermore, we are informed that this has been true since 1619.

[Source: No, the United States Is Not Systemically Racist. By Stephen Moore]

Therefore, the second half of the 20th century certainly fits into that time frame. Indeed, during that time frame, Jim Crow laws had yet to be eradicated. Therefore, BLM must explain to me how it is that:

  • Black people in the United States experienced much larger income gains than whites did.
  • How could the group that had the largest income gains, by far, be black women? (Their incomes nearly doubled over that period even after adjusting for inflation). 
  • Black incomes rose more in last three years (President Trump’s tenure to date) than at any time in the history of the United States.
  • The median household income for Blacks is now $45,438. Few, if any, other nations on Earth demonstrate a higher average Black income than the United States.
  • Black poverty rates have fallen to the lowest level ever recorded. 

Those are the statistics for black Americans (and it is true that black Americans have yet to obtain parity with white Americans). But, there are other “people of color” that according to BLM suffer from “systemic racism.” That seems awfully difficult to believe when the highest-income group in America today is not white Americans. It is the Asian community. The median household income of Asian Americans is $98,174. In other words, the average Asian family has a higher income than the average white family ($65,902)… by a lot! 

As well, Asian Americans are a highly diverse group. They came to America (and usually dirt poor) from Japan, Korea, India, China, Pakistan, Taiwan, the Philippines, Indonesia, etc. How is it possible that they could race ahead of white Americans in a milieu of “systemic racism?”

Well, you might ask, “What about Hispanic Americans?” Good question. Hispanics are doing very well in America. The average Hispanic household income exceeds $56,000 a year today. That’s not rich — but it is a massive leap forward from what Hispanics earn in Mexico. The highest earning quintile in Mexico (not the average Mexican family) brought home an average of $36,588. The average family in El Salvador earns $19,884.

Is BLM telling us that Mexico and El Salvador discriminate against Hispanics? The gains of Hispanics in just the last three years, under President Trump, have been extraordinary. 

Could these statistics have occurred in a nation that hates ethnic minorities? Could these statistics have occurred in a xenophobic country? The answer is too obvious to commit to paper.

Roy Filly

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  1. David L. Wood, M.D. says:

    This is a very eye-opening comparison of incomes capable in the United States of America.

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