Guest post on Socialism.

Dear Readers,

As you know my readers will at times send me their thoughts on various issues. When their writings strike a chord with me and I will ask their permission to post their thoughts on The Rugged Individualist. Dr. Wood, a longtime reader and commentator on The Rugged Individualist, shared his take on Socialism. I think you will benefit from reading this.

Roy Filly

The Destructiveness and Divisiveness of the Acceptance of Socialism

It has become concern to me to see the continual ramifications and new applications of the irrational thinking of the scope of the socialist philosophy.  The great Austrian economist, Ludwig von Mises, extensively revealed and described in his expansive book, Socialism, this historically-falsified system.  But, socialism has again become widely disseminated in the US school and university structure of today.  It has become the central core of the present Democrat party and its allies in the mainstream media.  It is the basis upon which the tremendous opposition to President Trump, capitalism and the concepts and basis of the founding beliefs of this nation have been attacked.  These are individualism, the right to bear arms, respect for and ownership of private property, capitalism’s free-market economy, patriotism, respect for religion and free speech and government being subservient to the citizens.

Of great importance is socialism’s rejection of the religious belief in God, the driving power greater than man and the source of the highest conception of morality and rational behavior.

Belief in God inspires the acceptance of moral convictions of honesty, integrity and respect for life and other human beings.  Because of socialism’s inclusion of and support for atheism, the concepts of morality and integrity are cast aside, since to the socialist philosophy, “the end justifies the means.”  This rejection of the belief in a supreme being is also a rejection of the embodiment of the highest of man’s conceivable virtues of morality and ethical behavior.  Absent such belief, the conceited concept of man’s being the most intelligent of the animal kingdom, produces the arrogance of doing whatever the believer wants in order to achieve his goals.

Since the socialists contrarily claim that morality is relative, I believe this is one of the greatest reasons for the horrific societal divide of today. This dividing influence even extends into the traditional family structure of this country.

Before and during World War II, the Pledge of Allegiance was recited daily in school, and the courses of civics and US history were requirement for graduation from high school.  That way the citizen children of this great nation were made aware of the tremendous tradition of liberty and freedom and felt patriotic to The United States of America.

Gradually and insidiously, the important US history taught was diminished and ultimately eliminated from the 1960s on. The Pledge was deleted and even physical education classes were no longer required.  In order for this erroneous belief system of socialism to have any acceptance it must be and has been presented as the only “superior societal system.” Teaching free-market capitalism and republicanism is entirely ignored.  I believe this was the most important step in getting this erroneous system to become so widely accepted.

The conservative writers and commentators continually repeat their basic belief that the US Constitution is being attacked and disregarded.  Of course, this is easy to observe, but the fact that the founders bestowed upon Congress in the Constitution the power of taxation, they inadvertently sowed the seeds of the misuse of political power. The ability ‘legally’ to confiscate private property by means of taxing creates (at least subconsciously) the resentment and anger of helplessly losing what was rightfully earned by each individual citizen.  Thus, it is easier to understand the anti-authority position of the hippies and why it was easy to propagate.  Therefore the stage was set for accepting the dangerous but “sounds-good” tenets of socialism.  A thorough discussion of the rational alternative to taxation is the insurance mechanism to support national defense and the non-coercive aspects of the political State.  It is clearly presented and explained in the astoundingly important book, “Capitalism The Liberal Revolution” by Frederic G. Marks, JD.  The book is on the internet.

A large part of the history of civilization is that of dictatorships and coercive societal organizations.  Against that backdrop, the brilliant concept of the republic of the United States was born in liberty and freedom.

Sadly, and very observably, the believers in and proponents of the socialist philosophy and mentality adhere to the principle that the end justifies the means.  So, frequently, when the Leftwing, ‘liberal’ political party loses a vote or an opinion, they resort to vitriolic reports and statements that inspire young (and even older) enthusiastic, opposing crowds, which often become mobs. These are formed to incite chaos and violence to enforce their side of the issue.  Most recently after the 2016 general election, riots were organized by Leftwing leaders with funds from ‘liberal’ donors, most prominently George Soros.  These were formed to attempt to negate the legal 2016 presidential election. Private property was attacked and destroyed like breaking shop windows and burning cars.  That party does not respect and uphold proprietary restriction on their actions as do those believing in “law and order.”

The huge contrast of the two societal systems at odds today is readily observable.  So, in order better to recognize and understand the mechanism of the socialist (collectivist) assaults I wish to enumerate and point out the many accusations and negative epithets one will see in the printed media and hear on the radio and on TV.

One of the most significant triumphs of the socialism infiltration into this country is the quantitatively extensive, but insidiously gradual, alteration of the basic education system of the country to a ‘liberal,’ collectivist one. A major factor for this to happen was the change from individual community-guided education of the important basics of math, grammar, science and history to a countrywide, politically-inspired and government-instigated standardizing of education.  The gradual ‘progressive” alteration could thus spread over the country without having to influence each community separately.

Going back to the post-WW II 1960s, the hippie movement of anti-authority influenced large numbers of those outspoken young people to go into teaching and take their beliefs with them, which included the ideas of the Marxist Manifesto of the laborers influencing their work in manufacturing and government becoming the distributor of sustaining welfare and inspiring “equality” of people and their incomes.

Another major factor was the education establishment’s bizarre experimentation in schooling.  This, of course, was related to altering the basic norms and traditions of the US successful but more strenuous and demanding education standards.  Knowledge of grammar, mathematics and science is not the goal of ‘progressive’ education.

The expectation that each individual child was responsible for his performance began to change.  The emphasis began to be on bestowing artificial congratulation for any work done so as to help the students to feel better about themselves.  However, that has resulted in artificially inflated opinions about themselves thus making them unwilling to tolerate criticism. How in the world can our youth learn to overcome adversity and difficulty in order to learn to accommodate and so to advance to maturity, if everything is easy and they become accustomed to praise in order to boost their self-esteem without actually earning it?  Add to that, only one societal philosophy was presented.   Then, is it any wonder that the last two decades of the so-called Millennials are so quick to join anti-capitalistic and anti-“conservative” causes and demonstrations?  In fact, this problem of bestowed high opinions of themselves can lead to becoming aggressive and even violent when criticized.

According to author, C. Bradley Thompson (March 10, 2018); when denied logic, knowledge and truth and given only “relative morality,” is it any wonder that today’s young people are left with nothing but their untutored “feelings” and “emotions” as their guides through the difficulties of adolescence? And further, Thompson writes, “Americans . . . should abandon the deadly experiment in “Progressive” theories of education and restore a curriculum that emphasizes reason over emotions, knowledge over feelings, moral judgment over moral agnosticism and self-control over self-expression.”

In order now to make it easier to recognize the subtle promotion and the not so subtle advancement of this destructive belief system, I wish to list so many of the cynical names used against any opposing people or organizations and then describe other methods the ‘liberals’ use to denigrate any opposition.  So, I start with a list of the denigrating labels used:

  1. homophobe
  2. xenophobe
  3. racist
  4. sexist
  5. white supremacist
  6. misogynist
  7. cancer ravaging our nation
  8. use of the f . . . bomb to put down the other side
  9. endanger global security (ref. to Iran pullout)
  10. moron, idiot, not fit to be president (at Donald Trump)

On university campuses, one hears over and over the loud (and sometimes violent) resistant demonstrations against any invited “conservative” speakers. David Horowitz and Ann Coulter are two of the best-known targets of such intolerant action.

A prominent example of derision of anything politically conservative on campus is the report of a sociology professor, Howard Finkelstein, at Brookdale Community College in New Jersey in April 2018, when he yelled, “Shut the f . . . up!” when a student attempted to articulate his beliefs about sexual harassment.  There are many, many more such outbursts reported.

In honest and proper debate, the first debater presents his side of the subject.  The opponent then presents his side.  Discussion follows in which each debater can answer questions and defend his(her) position. One of the cardinal rules of proper debate requires respect of the other, although disagreement persists.  Bilateral respect precludes any vile or degrading speech and any coercive or violent action.

The #MeToo Movement is another degrading aspect of the socialist mentality.  It is an inappropriate attack upon the manly virtues of gentlemanliness and chivalry and the female virtues of modesty and prudence so appropriate in the United States.

There just seems to be continual new approaches by the denizens of socialism to denigrate this society’s standards of privacy and propriety. Witness the attempt to have both sexes use the same restroom, the push to legalize “same-sex marriage” and the multiple-media quickness to be on the support side for LGBT persons and also the transgender recognition.  Now add the latest pressure by the noisy cadre of ‘liberal’ tradition-dissenters; namely, the admitting of girls to the Boy Scouts.  The far-reaching, negative ramifications of this politically correct concession are yet to be experienced, though easy to foretell.

Anger of being opposed by patriotic Americans produces hatred in the ‘progressive’ mobocracy.  It is deep angry arrogance.   The ‘liberals’ accept no other system of thought and continually oppose conservatives at every chance they get.   In the first year of Donald Trumps’ presidency, it is reported that ninety-one percent of the biased news media descriptions of the President have been negative.  His positive accomplishments run counter to their belief system and are reported only by the relatively few conservative voices of radio, television and written reviews.

Another front of opposition to healthy traditions is the insisting on the sameness of the genders. This has resulted in the inclusion of females into our hardened military forces. This has introduced many unnecessary problems, not the least of which is the basic female lack of strength when compared with the male physical capabilities.  Of course, I must admit that women can perform so many of the non-fighting support jobs that one must accept there are places for women in the military, but not in the front-line fighting forces.

Illegal immigration takes a center stage position of difference in accepted country values. For the collectivist ‘progressives,’ the importance of earned legal immigration takes a back seat to the Democrat desire to achieve more votes and to reinforce their disregard for the importance of private and national property.  It us simple for ‘liberal’ politicians to dole out citizens hard-earned tax revenues in forms of welfare and free education to illegals with no demonstrable regard for the sovereignty and importance of true citizenship of the nation.

Another example of acceptance of the socialist beliefs is the result of the Obama orders.  By his actions, it is easy to conclude that B. Obama’s motivating belief was that of anti-capitalistic socialism.  His support of the Muslim movement coincides with Islam’s anti-Western culture.  Though he pronounced conservative statements, he belied those pronouncements at every turn with his multiple anti-free-market economy business regulations.  Although most of those were quiet presidential orders and unreported by the media, by reviewing the long list of Obama-regulation reversals by President Trump in his first year, one can quickly appreciate their large number and realize the negative effects they had by the reduced industrial and small business output and the increased general unemployment in the country.  It certainly can be understood that President Trump is not divisive.  He is uniting people as they see the increased employment throughout the US and the resultant increased income from the greater employment and the effects of the reduced income taxes he promoted.

This whole change in perception and appreciation of the many societal norms are so promoted by the biased print and network sources as to try to convince the whole nation that the above-mentioned entities are so widespread that they must be assumed to be the major thinking of the country.  They are not, but for so many of the uninformed citizens, they tend to find it easy to consider that such are the new norms.

As president Reagan used to say, “There they go again.”  I think the same thing when I hear the ‘liberals’ projecting  “divisiveness.”  Actually, it is they who are divisive..  They continuously gripe, that conservatives are the dividers.  Yes, in a sense they are, but conservatives expose the concepts of socialism and its actual disregardfor the basic concepts of the United States.  That divides the socialists from the conservatives.  The truth is, ‘liberals’ are really the perpetrators of the present political and moral divisiveness.

Patriotism and love of country are unifying.  Diversion away from patriotism and love of country are the true dividing of interests.  Unbiased polling corroborates the majority of legal Americans to be religious and patriotic Americans.  Witness the election of President Donald Trump.

This nation faces the tyrannical prospects of socialism, similar to the English tyranny, which our forefathers bravely faced and defeated in order to establish “One nation, under God, with liberty and justice for all.”

I have herewith tried to clarify what the enormous impact of the present belief in socialism has and what its negative effects have on our country both politically and economically.  I believe that those millions of us who reject socialism must use our minds and our pens to go on the offensive to fight this insidious war against the principles of our republic.


David L. Wood, May 20, 2018


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3 Responses to Guest post on Socialism.

  1. Pat says:

    Amen! Foreign opposers to America and it’s freedom ideals as established in its foundation are noted for their patience. All they need to do is wait for America to destroy itself and then step in. One only needs to look at CA (and to lessor degree for now, OR and WA) to see the impact of socialism. And whatever impact that now has on CA citizens, you can be assured that is only the preamble and the tip of the iceberg upon which the ship of state will inevitably crash. And even in the heartland where many of our cherished ideals and tradions remain, there is a growing apathy over “what can I do” and a passive acceptance of the subtle intrusions into our traditions. A street sign went up in Tulsa, OK with a rainbow as one direction and PRIDE on the other… and no one sermed to mind, as least publicly (likely to avoid being chastised by the media and gay activists).
    Unless there is a spiritual awakening in America (beginning with those already self identified as Christians), there is no hope for us. As Billy Graham once said, “If God doesn’t bring judgment on America, he’ll have to apologize the Sodom and Gomorrah!
    We must pray for those who oppose our traditional values and the current positive directions we’ve seen the past 18 months. We will never change the MINDS of others (whether socialist professors, uneducated youths, self serving polititions or even Islamic terrorists). Those minds are set in stone by input from generations. But their HEARTS can be changed and thar underscores the importance of divine intervention. For that, we CAN make a difference!

    • Pat says:

      As a followup, the CDC just reported in the Journal of Preventive Medicine the alarming increase in suicides in America. Along with the increase in school, etc shootings and purposeful auto attacks, could these be a result of the removal from schools of the Ten Commandments and of any mention there is a God? Where do disillusioned individuals go when life seems hopeless? Every society has a belief in a higher power but when that higher power is the State (the foundation of socialism), which has continuously failed you, you are left with nothing but your own mind and resources. And when godless video games, peer pressures and absent adult supervision are your philosophical, sociological and educational inputs, we all can see the disasterous results! .

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