Newsflash: Democreeps are hypocrites.

Of course people change their minds. Currently Senator Diane Feinstein’s position on a variety of immigration issues can be found on her website. But allow me to summarize:

  • Senator Feinstein has come out “in fierce opposition” to all three of President Trump’s executive orders dealing with travel bans from failed nations known to send terrorists to the USA. She doesn’t simply “oppose” them. She “fiercely opposes” them.
  • Senator Feinstein cosponsored S.Res.56 which expresses that the U.S. should welcome refugees and asylum seekers regardless of whether they are from nations that have little or no control over documentation of those emigrating to the USA.
  • Introduced the Agricultural Worker Program Act to provide immigrant farmworkers with protection from deportation and eventual citizenship. 
  • Senator Feinstein voted against the “Stop Dangerous Sanctuary Cities Act” (i.e., she id FOR sanctuary cities).
  • Senator Feinstein voted against “Kate’s Law” that would increase the maximum prison term to five years for an undocumented immigrant who reenters after being denied admission, excluded, and deported, or removed. 
  • Senator Feinstein voted against the “American Security Against Foreign Enemies Act” (i.e., she isn’t concerned about “enemies”).

So pretty much she stands with the most liberal Democrat “talking points.” But that’s now. What were her views in 1994 when she sided with the then talking points of President Clinton?

What do you know about that? Can anyone say HYPOCRITE!

And thanks to ALF for sending this to me.

Roy Filly


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One Response to Newsflash: Democreeps are hypocrites.

  1. Pat says:

    ….and is anyone surprised? It’s “who’s on my side and if you aren’t, I’m not only against you but the horse you rode in on!”

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