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For all of the leftists who consider President Trump the Devil incarnate, here are some graphs that tell a quite different story.

Among the most telling statistics of how the nation is doing is the statistic on the direction the country is headed. This months assessment is that it rose 7.4% to reach 44.9. That, however, is a number that requires some context. The longterm average of this statistic is 41.6. Even more telling is that under Saint Barry Hussein Obama it averaged only 37 during his eight year term. When President Trump was elected it stood at a mere 29.6 which means that it has risen a whopping 52% under the Trump administration. Tell me, have you seen a lot about this on CNN?

Another very important statistic about how Americans feel is the Quality of Life statistic. It currently resides at 62.7. Again, some context is needed. That is the highest level it has reached since 2004. The all-time high for this index is 63.1 (i.e., we are close to the highest index EVER). And, importantly, what was the average index under Obama? It was a piddling 53.7.

As a proud American I wish to see our country held in high esteem. The Standing in the World Index posted a sharp 13.8% gain in May to 47.7. It stands above the long-term average of 45.5 and well above Barry’s average of 42.6.

As well, we need to view these amazing statistics through the prism that the mainstream media (MSM) has been demonizing our president non-stop since he was nominated and he has been “investigated” relentlessly. Well, the fawning MSM didn’t help Obama’s statistics and apparently haven’t hurt President Trump’s statistics.

And thanks to HP for sending this to me.

Roy Filly


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