Who does and does not like the US pull out from the Iran Deal.

President Trump dumped the Iran Deal. We know that France, Germany and Great Britain didn’t want the President to do that. Emmanuel Macron tweets “France, Germany, and the UK regret the U.S. decision to leave the JCPOA. The nuclear non-proliferation regime is at stake.”

Let’s see if we can figure out why that might be. Can you read a graph?

Now let’s look at the nations who think our President’s withdrawal from the JCPOA is a splendid idea. Can you read a map?The nations that are in the sphere of Iran’s aggression and who are threatened by the Mullahs think the President’s approach is excellent.

[Source: Here’s a list of major US allies celebrating and end to the Iran nuclear deal, by Katie Pavlich]

While the French, Brits and Germans have expressed disapproval of Trump’s decision, U.S. allies in the Middle East are practically jumping for joy. Some are even praising God.

Bahrain: Khalid al Khalifa (Khalid bin Ahmed Al Khalifa is a member of the Bahraini royal family and a Bahraini diplomat who has served as Bahrain’s Minister of Foreign Affairs since 2005 (and, Wow! – this is from an Arab).

  • “As long as Iran has breached the status quo in the region and (until it) has evacuated its troops and missiles, any state in the region, including Israel, is entitled to defend itself by destroying the sources of danger.”
  • “The Iranian nuclear agreement was born thin and lived paralyzed. It was an imperfect agreement that unleashed the hands of Iran to tamper with the security and stability of the region. And today it fell and thank God.”
  • “Iran says the United States is denouncing its vows! We have many treaties with the United States dating back long decades and (none have been broken). We saw the reversal of vows and lies and conspiracy from the untrusting Iranian regime.”
  • “A great leadership stance by President Donald Trump in favor of the security and stability of the world by withdrawing from Iran’s nuclear agreement and tightening the sanctions on the Iranian regime, and Bahrain supports and welcomes.

United Arab Emirates: UAE Minister of State.

  • Iran’s rhetoric & aggressive regional actions were the background to a flawed deal. The veneer of Tehran’s compliance contradicted its bellicose policies. President Trump’s decision is the correct one.

Saudi Arabia: Khalid bin Salman al-Saud is the Saudi ambassador to the United States and brother of Saudi crown prince Mohammed Bin Salman.

  • The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia fully supports the measures taken by (President Trump) with regards to the JCPOA. We always had reservations with regards to sunset clauses, ballistic missiles program, and Iran’s support for terrorism in the region.
  • As I said before with regards to the deal, we are on auto pilot heading towards a mountain. The deal has fueled Iran’s malicious expansion driven by its extremist ideology. It provided Iran with a financial windfall that it used to further sectarian strife/chaos in the region.
  • Since deal was inked, instead of behaving like a responsible member of the int’l community, the regime doubled down on its support for terror, providing dangerous weapons (such as ballistic missiles) to terrorist proxies including the Houthis In Yemen to target civilians in KSA.

Israel: Benjamin Netanyahu, Prime Minister.

  • The deal didn’t push war further away. It actually brought it closer. The deal didn’t reduce Iran’s aggression, it dramatically increased it. We see this across the entire Middle East. This is why Israel thinks that President Trump did a historic move and this is why Israel thanks President Trump for his courageous leadership, his commitment to confront the terrorist regime in Tehran and his commitment to ensure Iran never gets nuclear weapons. Not today, not in a decade, not ever.”

The notion that “our allies were disappointed by President Trump’s decision” is, well… just more CNN hyperbole without basis in fact.

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2 Responses to Who does and does not like the US pull out from the Iran Deal.

  1. Double Amen to the Middle East reactions!! Great respect and appreciation for President Trump’s insight, courage and perseverance! I have slept happier since Pres. Trump’s decision and action.

  2. Roxanne A. says:

    Thank you for this info from other countries on the scuttling of the Iran Agreement. It’s good others beside a significant minority in America sees this issue rationally. .

    His repudiation of the Iran Agreement is the most important action he’s taken to date, and I thank him very much for it. It’s the fundamental right, to right to live. If our government cannot defend us from aggressors then all the rest we’re arguing about is irrelevant and won’t come to pass anyway, since we won’t be here.

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