More good economic news the media isn’t reporting.

The Trump election was a revolution by middle and lower middle class voters. You know, the Americans who have been lost in the grand leftist plans of globalization, open borders, “diversity”… etc., etc. They expected Trump to do something for them and, guess what, he did.

Not only is the unemployment rate the lowest it has been in decades, there are more job openings listed today THAN EVER BEFORE! That’s correct – THAN EVER BEFORE! The recent Labor Department report listed 6.2 million job openings. Now, I realize that there are more people who want a job than are covered by the “unemployment rate” statistic and I have written about that aspect previously. It is estimated that in actuality 7 million Americans want a job.  There are 6.2 million JOB OPENINGS! Think about that. That means there is a potential for TRUE FULL EMPLOYMENT, not some bureaucratic construct of “full employment.”

Do you remember how the Democreeps warned that tax revenues would evaporate because of the Trump tax cut? Well, not yet. Record tax receipts have lead to the largest-ever monthly budget surplus for the federal government. The nonpartisan Congressional Budget Office said that the April surplus will total $218 billion, breaking the prior record of $190 (April 2001). Congressional Budget Office (CBO) analysts were surprised by the surplus, which was some $40 billion more than they’d guessed at less than a month ago. (Does the CBO ever get it right?) Basically that translates to the the following: the data show that individual taxpayers are paying more because they have higher incomes – 2017 was a good year for American worker EARNINGS! And take heart American workers, the tax “bite” won’t be so bad next year.

We hear a lot about “big business.” But how are small businesses doing? Did Trump help them even a little bit?

The National Federation of Independent Businesses (NFIB) is an organization that represents small business owners nationwide. They have been conducting a survey of small businesses that dates back to 1973. (NB: The NFIB strongly favors Republican politics, but that doesn’t alter the following.) They just published some remarkable results:

  • Small business earnings rose to the highest levels in the past 45 years last month (there is no data before that, so essentially THE HIGHEST EVER).
  • Small business optimism increased in April to a level in the top 95th percentile of its all-time average.
  • Never in the history of this survey has the NFIB seen profit trends so high.
  • They are tracking new job creation, increased wages and benefits, and investments.
  • 89% of those surveyed that were hiring or trying to hire reported few or no qualified applicants (Aren’t we glad the federal government stuck its nose into education. Go Betsy DeVos!)
  • The release mentions recently passed tax cut legislation multiple times as a factor encouraging optimism and spending by small business owners.

Kudos to President Trump.

Roy Filly

[Sources: There have never been this many job openings in America, by Patrick Gillespie; CBO forecasts largest-ever monthly surplus as record tax receipts pour in. by Robert Schroeder; Small business optimism climbs as profit levels jump to all-time high, NFIB says, by Dion Rabouin; The survey detailing April’s surging business confidence and earnings tapped 1,554 NFIB members through a questionnaire that ran through April 29, by Political Interests]

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  1. Remove restrictions and lower tax levels, then businesses and people will react in their own (and business’) best interests. Guess what? Why, increased productivity and earnings.

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