Who remembers when CNN used to be a news organization?

We have had some interesting news of late. Kim Jung Un has decided to meet with our President and is signaling a possible end to the Korean War, denuclearization of the Korean peninsula, and the return of American prisoners. China and the USA may reach a trade agreement where we don’t get screwed. Additionally, unemployment dropped below 4% – essentially full employment (yes, I know a bunch of give-me-free-stuff liberals left the workforce). The unemployment rate among black Americans fell to 6.6 percent — the lowest such rate ever recorded. The unemployment rate for adult women fell to 3.5 percent. That’s an astounding number and the unemployment rate for adult men was 4.1%. I guess evil “big business” has switched to discriminating against men.

That’s all pretty good news. But on what issue has CNN been laser focused? Well, Stormy Daniels comes to mind. CNN interviewed Stormy Daniels’ lawyer 59 times in less than two months. That is more than once per day on average (and that includes weekends)! Anderson Cooper alone interviewed him 19 times. He also interviewed Stormy Daniels on CBS’s ’60 Minutes’ in March.

By contrast, Democrat Adam Schiff, the anti-Trump congressman, was only interviewed 10 times on CNN. Even 10 interviews is a sizeable portion of airtime for any politician. By way of comparison 51 Republican Senators combined received just 34 interviews on all cable networks.

Why did it take 59 interviews to determine what I could have told them in two sentences. Did a billionaire, New York playboy have an affair with a bimbo 10 years ago and well before he was a public political figure? Yes.

Case closed and big whoop!

Did he have sex with her in the Oval Office? No. Was she an intern serving in the White House? No. While admittedly Trump “lied” about it, did he lie under oath before a federal magistrate? No. Why was the Clinton affair with Monica Lewinsky “just sex” but the Trump issue requires 59 interviews with Daniels’ lawyer in a mere two months? Only CNN knows. Well, we all know.

Of course, CNN isn’t a winner here, but Stormy Daniels is. She is now one of the most searched names on Pornhub. Well, she and her lawyer should be thankful for small blessings.

Roy Filly

[Source: CNN Interviewed Stormy Daniels’ Lawyer 59 Times In Less Than Two Months, by Paul Bois]

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1 Response to Who remembers when CNN used to be a news organization?

  1. David L., Wood says:

    It is an amazing phenomenon what repetition of insignificant items and occurrences will create. Collectivism is made to “sound good” by the likes of CNN.

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