You can learn a lot from graphs.

Not a fan of the death penalty for many reasons. But I suggest you follow the law if you visit China – just some free advice. Apparently the Chinese make the Mullahs look like “softies.”

Pack a bulletproof vest for your next vacation in Mexico.

We have been at war in Afghanistan for 17 years. I know there are reasons to keep on fighting, but is this a war that can EVER be won? It doesn’t appear to be. Just an ebb and flow of violence.

Clinton and Obama both won reelection for a second term with approval ratings essentially identical to Trump (Trump is actually at 44% currently). I thought there was NO WAY Obama would be reelected. Well, that says a lot about my powers of predicting future events. But, I do not think the Democrats are better prognosticators than I am. Trump in 2020!

There is not much “green” on this map. And the total population of the “green” nations are miniscule compared to areas of the world where press freedom is a “difficult or very serious situation.”

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