Latest California INSANITY.

I freely admit to being a global warming denier. Why is that, ask you? Because, answer I, I am a thinking, intelligent, logical, and fact driven person. I wish I could say the same for the state in which I live.

I suggest you read these before condemning me:

And that is only my last eight posts on the matter. I have probably written more than 50 posts showing errors in “global warming ‘science.'”

Okay. Let’s for the moment consider that I am totally wrong. Global warming is REAL. How would thinking, intelligent, logical, and fact driven California politicians deal with the growing threat? Let’s now consider the remarkably ridiculous “virtue signaling” by California politicians to “show the world” their commitment to stopping “global warming.”

At the top of the list is when our illustrious governor, Governor Moonbeam, signed the first-of-its-kind climate law targeting agriculture. What does the law do, ask you? This latest “law” requires California’s dairy industry to make a 40 percent cut in methane emissions. The gas comes from the butts and burps of bovines. Wow! Do I feel good about being a Californian!

Let’s see. California has 5,150,000 cows. The United States alone has 89,800,000 cows. There are currently approximately 1.5 billion cows grazing, sleeping, and chewing their cud and FARTING at any given time on planet Earth. So our moronic state legislators and our more than moronic governor believe that by reducing cow farts by a factor of 0.0014, we can save the planet from global warming!

The latest salvo from our leftists politicians is a close second. What could be close to cow farts, ask you? How about paint our blacktop streets WHITE, answer I. Yes, your eyes have not deceived you, Los Angeles is painting their streets WHITE!

[Source: LA Painting Streets White to Prevent Global Warming, by Eric Worrall; Los Angeles painting city streets white in bid to combat climate change, by Travis Fedschun | Fox News]

California officials are going to stem the rising tides (pun intended) of climate change. And how will they accomplish that, ask you? They are painting streets white to reduce the effect of urban “heat islands” and combat the effects of climate change.

“The LA Street Services began rolling out the project last May, which preliminary testing shows has reduced the temperature of roadways by up to 10 degrees. The project involves applying a light gray coating of the product CoolSeal, made by the company GuardTop.”

So let’s see. The Central Intelligence Agency tells us there are 4,304,715 km (2.7 million miles) of paved roads in the United States alone. The Los Angeles Almanac tells us there are 23,143 miles of paved roads in Los Angeles. Even if Los Angeles painted every road white they would only affect 0.00857 of US roadways.

But here is the clincher, as the saying goes. Each coasting can last up to seven years (maximum). The estimated cost is $40,000 per mile (according to the L.A. Daily News). Thus, the cost to paint all LA paved roadways would be nearly one billion dollars every 7 years. And what effect would that have on “global warming,” ask you? Zilch, answer I.

I’ve got to move.

Roy Filly


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4 Responses to Latest California INSANITY.

  1. Par Lester says:

    And taxes must go up to pay for feel good, yet worthless, initiatives such as this. How can taxpayers continue to be shouldered by these unsustainable burdens? They can’t! Nor can the State. While citizens can move, the CA government and bureaucrats can’t. Gov. Moonbeam and his ilk aren’t so stupid after all….the State declares bankruptcy!! One could argue that this action would hurt those who trusted the State and then were cut off at the knees but that’s what the libs have been doing all along!!!

  2. Pat says:

    Roy, please correct my name before posting

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