Identity politics doesn’t only divide Americans, it makes leftists unhappy.

The entire raison d’être of Democrat politics is “victimhood.” They tell women they are oppressed by patriarchy, sexism, and misogyny. They tell black Americans they are oppressed by racism. They tell Hispanic Americans they are oppressed by xenophobia. They tell the poor they are oppressed by the rich. They tell gay Americans they are oppressed by homophobes.

I have written about the dangers of identity politics (as practiced by the Democrat Party) on multiple occasions (and please read the first one, “Identity politics and ‘race baiting'”);

What had not occurred to me until I read an interesting article by Dennis Prager is that identity politics also make leftists unhappy!

[Source: Why Leftists Are So Unhappy, by Dennis Prager]

Are there misogynists, racists, xenophobes and homophobes in our midst? Of course there are. But are they present in sufficient numbers to influence our populations of women, blacks, Hispanics, or gays? And, are they all Republicans? According to Hillary Clinton only “half” of Donald Trump’s supporters are “deplorables,” meaning people who are racist, sexist, homophobic or xenophobic. (She couldn’t add “the rich” to the status of “deplorable” because, after all, she is very rich – and, by the by, how did she get so rich?) And even she expressed “regret” for saying that! The leftists also exonerate minorities from being racist by stating that it is “impossible” for minorities to be racist.

[Directly from the Prager article] One of the most important differences between the right and the left—one that greatly helps to explain their differences—is the difference between unhappy liberals and unhappy conservatives.

Unhappy conservatives generally believe they are unhappy because life is inherently difficult and tragic, and because they have made some unwise decisions in life.

But unhappy liberals generally believe they are unhappy because they have been persecuted.

Can any child who is taught that he or she is persecuted ever grow up to be a happy adult? Believing that you are oppressed makes happiness all but impossible. The left cultivates unhappiness by cultivating anger. Ask yourself, do you feel “happy” when you are “angry?”

[Directly from the Prager article] Leftism makes one other major contribution to leftists’ unhappiness: it promotes ingratitude.

In my book on happiness (“Happiness Is a Serious Problem”) and my talks on happiness, I emphasize the central importance of gratitude to happiness. Without it, one cannot be happy. There isn’t one ungrateful happy person on Earth. Yet ingratitude toward America is central to the left’s worldview—further reinforcing the unhappiness of its adherents.

Unhappy Americans on the right blame the problems inherent to life, and they blame themselves. Unhappy Americans on the left blame America.

That alone goes far in explaining the unbridgeable differences between right and left.

Roy Filly

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2 Responses to Identity politics doesn’t only divide Americans, it makes leftists unhappy.

  1. Dick Toomey says:

    Roy, this explanation of chronic unhappiness hits the mark. I would like to add three observations. The unhappiness essentially is directed at white men who are the authors of everything that is malicious or corrupt. Two, the politics of unhappiness does work — witness affirmative action in corporations that operate on quotas for hiring and advancement over merit. Three, unhappiness is cultivated, fertilized and inflamed by mass media. Thanks. D

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