Politics in cartoon form.

Somehow I doubt this. But, if there is even a smidgen of truth in there somewhere, then “Praise the Lord!”

This passes for liberal logic. Rather than look at “liberal” school policies, youth “culture,” and parental permissiveness they believe access to guns is “the problem.”

The War on Drugs, the War on Poverty… if these are policies liberals think are “successful,” one can only wonder what constitutes a liberal “failure.”

Never a dull moment with President Trump.

The UK banned handguns in 1997, but when murder is in your heart, who needs guns!?!?!

One must marvel at leftist logic. And they had the temerity to think that Obama foreign policy was spot on.

Tell it to Shulkin, Holy Father. (And, by the by, I thought Shulkin was a good guy. Making headway against the VA hierarchy is no small task.)

These unions are bankrupting our States. Unfunded liabilities now topping $6 trillion. That’s nearly two stacks of dollars bills reaching from the Earth to the Moon.

…because there is only so long one can listen to a SORE LOSER!

We need THE WALL!

Roy Filly

About Roy Filly

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1 Response to Politics in cartoon form.

  1. David L., Wood says:

    Though we can find humor in the cartoon forms, still the realities are painful.

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