Hey Comey! Get ready for a jail cell.

James Comey believes his upcoming book will provide the cash for a very comfortable retirement. However, reality may intrude on Mr. Comey’s plans.

The Justice Department has a long history of prosecuting individuals for making false statements to the FBI. Mr. Comey may well find himself confronting exactly that problem.

[Source: McCabe’s Domino Is Only the First to Fall, by Daniel John Sobieski]

As Sir Walter Scott warned so many years ago, “Oh what a tangled web we weave when first we practice to deceive.” The problem with lying is always the same. One must remember what lies one told and to which person. It can get very complicated for serial liars.

It appears that Comey’s Deputy Director, Andrew McCabe, himself recently fired for serial lying, has “thrown his old boss under the bus” as the saying goes. He didn’t do it purposefully. But he couldn’t manage to keep both his lies and Director Comey’s lies all straight.

George Washington University law professor Jonathan Turley, a well-regarded legal scholar, has opined that McCabe made a big mistake when he criticized his own dismissal. He basically laid James Comey open to charges of leaking sensitive information and lying to Congress.

[Directly from the Sobieski article] McCabe commented on leaking information to a former Wall Street Journal reporter about the investigation of Hillary Clinton and the Clinton Foundation, saying he was authorized to “share” the information and did so with the knowledge of “the director,” which would have been Comey at the time.

Turley explained why this is “problematic”:

If the “interaction” means leaking the information, then McCabe’s statement would seem to directly contradict statements Comey made in a May 2017 congressional hearing.  Asked if he had “ever been an anonymous source in news reports about matters relating to the Trump investigation or the Clinton investigation” or whether he had “ever authorized someone else at the FBI to be an anonymous source in news reports about the Trump investigation or the Clinton investigation,” Comey replied “never” and “no.”

And there you have it – bald-faced lie number one to a Congressional Committee.

[Directly from the Sobieski article] He admitted to using an ex-U.S. attorney, later identified as Columbia University Prof. Daniel Richman, to leak to The Times the contents of alleged memos Comey wrote about his one-on-one interactions with Trump.  He was not asked if he had ever used Richman on other occasions; however, Richman is mentioned in 151 results in a New York Times search dating back to 1993, with 11 of those articles also featuring Comey and six of them being authored by Michael S. Schmidt – who later wrote the “Comey memos” story which Comey told Congress he directed Richman to leak.

Let’s look at a few other faux pas by Comey:

  • He probably lied to a FISA court to obtain surveillance warrants on Carter Page.
  • Comey personally signed three FISA court applications utilizing a dossier paid for by the Hillary campaign (that he himself called “salacious and unverified”).
  • Renewals of FISA warrants require a separate finding of probable cause each time.
  • Comey’s exoneration memo for the Clinton Email Scandal went beyond changing “grossly negligent” to “extremely careless.” It also edited out content that shows that the FBI knew that Hillary was intentionally in violation of the Espionage Act. (Thus a lie that had to have been previously agreed upon by FBI and Justice Department officials.) Bald-faced lie number two to a Congressional Committee.
  • Gregg Jarrett, Fox News legal analyst, concludes that Comey appears to have stolen government documents (a crime under 18 USC 641). If any were classified (as Senator Grassley seems to believe), it’s a crime under 18 USC 1924 (and probably 793). Ad in the deception of the FISA court and concealing evidence and we are up to 6 different felonies.

And the list goes on. I highly recommend that you read the further analysis in the Sobieski article.

And thanks to HKG for sending this to me.

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  1. Anne Malcolm says:

    But there are two justice systems, one for us and one for “them.”

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