Did any of the media actually read the “Paris Accord?”

I’ll start with the disclaimer that I also did not read the Paris Accord on Climate Change (or Global Warming – not sure what’s the”name-of-the-day”). But it appears that few who support it read it.

John Stossel makes his living “exposing” falsehoods. In a recent article he interviews Oren Cass, a Manhattan Institute senior fellow. Mr. Cass is the rare person who actually read and analyzed the Paris Accord.

[Source: Climate Exit, John Stossel]

Let’s assume that you firmly believe that global warming is “man-caused.” You want something “done about it.” You will be saddened to learn the Paris Accord won’t do much or anything at all about CO2 emissions by man. It only transfers wealth from wealthier nations to poorer nations. Mr. Cass points out that the signatories  “don’t even have to mention greenhouse gases in their commitment if they don’t want to. They can send in any piece of paper they want.”

If you have followed this you’ll be aware of the two biggest producers of “man-caused CO2 emissions” other than the United States (no longer a signatory). These nations are China and India (both are signatories). The media applauded “major commitments” by these nations.

[From the Stossel article] In truth, says Cass, “They either pledged to do exactly what they were already going to do anyway, or pledged even less. China, for instance said, ‘we pledge to reach peak emission by about 2030.’ Well, the United States government had already done a study to guess when Chinese emissions would peak, and their guess was about 2030.”

In other words, China simply promised to do what was going to happen anyway.

“China was actually one of the better pledges,” says Cass. “India made no pledge to limit emissions at all. They pledged only to become more efficient. But they proposed to become more efficient less quickly than they were already becoming more efficient. So their pledge was to slow down.”

By contrast, US energy-related CO2 emissions have been falling without signing the Paris Accord.

I will end on a lighter note. This was Pakistan’s proposal: Pakistan’s pledge was to “Reach a peak at some point after which to begin reducing emissions.”

Wow! Ya’ gotta’ love the left wing. They know how to get people to “sign up!” I pledge to reduce my carbon footprint no later than one month after I die. I’m certain that will be sufficient to allow my to sign the Accord!

Roy Filly


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