The “Popular vote.” Majority rule – It’s “democratic!”

I could probably end this discussion by stating that rap “music” is more “popular” than Beethoven.

The Democrats point to the fact that the Electoral College undermines the one-person, one-vote principle of democracy. They prefer “majority rule.” The latter, they state is “more democratic.” And, I would have to agree that it is.

[Source: Constitutional Ignorance — Perhaps Contempt by Walter E. Williams]

Employing our most and least populous states, the Democrats point to the fact that a citizen of Wyoming, with a population of about 600,000, has one member in the U.S. House of Representatives and two members in the U.S. Senate. Thus, Wyoming is awarded three electoral votes by the Constitution. That calculates to one electoral vote per approximately 200,000 citizens. By contrast, California, has more than 39 million people and 55 electoral votes, or approximately one vote per 715,000 citizens. Comparatively, individuals in Wyoming have nearly four times the power in the Electoral College as Californians.

But here is the problem for the Democrat point of view. Presidents are not elected “democratically.” Indeed, our Founding Fathers “went to great lengths to ensure that we were a republic and not a democracy. In fact, the word democracy does not appear in the Declaration of Independence, the U.S. Constitution or any other of our founding documents.

In some respects one would necessarily conclude that the Founding Fathers had contempt for “democracy.” Dr. Williams solidifies his argument with some rather telling quotes from the Founders [directly from the Williams article]:

  • In Federalist Paper No. 10, James Madison wanted to prevent rule by majority faction, saying, “Measures are too often decided, not according to the rules of justice and the rights of the minor party, but by the superior force of an interested and overbearing majority.”
  • John Adams warned in a letter, “Remember Democracy never lasts long. It soon wastes, exhausts and murders itself. There never was a Democracy Yet, that did not commit suicide.”
  • Edmund Randolph said, “That in tracing these evils to their origin, every man had found it in the turbulence and follies of democracy.”
  • Then-Chief Justice John Marshall observed, “Between a balanced republic and a democracy, the difference is like that between order and chaos.”

The “majority” is as tyrannical as any commissar ever was. The Constitutional impediments to majority rule are more than obvious [directly from the Williams article]:

  • Two houses of Congress pose one obstacle to majority rule. That is, 51 senators can block the wishes of 435 representatives and 49 senators.
  • The president can veto the wishes of 535 members of Congress. It takes two-thirds of both houses of Congress to override a presidential veto.
  • To change the Constitution requires not a majority but a two-thirds vote of both houses, and if an amendment is approved, it requires ratification by three-fourths of state legislatures.

And let us not forget other specific notions in our Republic that thwart “majority rule.” Do the Democrats also wish to:

  • Get rid of the U.S. Senate because it “unfairly” allows states, regardless of population, to each have two senators.
  • Eliminate the guarantee that each state gets at least one representative?
  • Make all congressional acts be majority rule?
  • To no longer require unanimity in criminal jury decisions?

The Democrats only want “majority rule” when it benefits them.

Roy Filly

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1 Response to The “Popular vote.” Majority rule – It’s “democratic!”

  1. Roxanne A. says:

    Important to understand this concept, that majority rule is tyranny of the majority. The smallest minority is the individual, which is the basis for the Constitutional. It is the government that is to be constrained, not the individual.

    The Democrats want to increase the size of government, and governmental power. The Founders entire focus was to limit government to the barest necessity, and to limit government power.

    There are no group rights- there are only individuals, who comprise any group, and as such, each of them have only their individual rights to life, liberty, pursuit of happiness, property, for each of their respective lives. They get no extra rights from being part of any group,in a Constitutionally limited Republic. Something the Democrats are hoping to change. .

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