Politics in cartoon form.

Woe is me! I have to live there!

Obama actually had the nerve to say this! Well, why should we be surprised at anything Obama is willing to do to create a legacy where NONE EXISTS!

Speaks for itself!

I wonder if these high school students can do this advanced level math?

Yikes. Another “President for Life.”

Sounds about right.

This one isn’t fair. The Democreeps also want to re-raise taxes, confiscate guns, and have Universal Basic Income. God help us.

Hillary has a very bad case of foot-in-mouth disease.

Another one that speaks for itself. Of course, it is highly improbable that someone who built an international real estate empire has no suspect business adventures. Probably where Mueller is heading.

I wonder if the left wing media realizes how transparent they are.

Why would anyone fire this guy?!?!

Roy Filly

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1 Response to Politics in cartoon form.

  1. David L. Wood, M.D. (ret.) says:

    Cogency personalized!!

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