You can learn a lot from graphs.

The Democrats just announced their new tax HIKE plan. Perhaps they should study this graph. The only Blue state was Minnesota, Democrat candidate Walter Mondale’s home state.

We all know it, but seeing it on a graph definitely drives home the message. By the by, remember the Obama phone?

Okay. Now this is hard to believe!

Russia and China at the top and USA at the bottom. I realize we spend much more than both of them combined, but that won’t last long at this rate.

In case you’re interested.

I don’t want a trade war, but you have to like our chances of winning.

There was a news item several days ago when the stock market had a nice rally. Jeff Bezos made $1.5 billion that DAY.

3.8 million Google searches, 29 million messages, 156 million emails. How long does all that take? Only 60 seconds.

Apps emerged from early PDAs, through the addictively simple game Snake on the Nokia 6110 phone, to the first 500 apps in the Apple App Store when it made its debut in July 2008. In one short decade – $86 billion in sales.

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