Politics in cartoon form.

Who knew?!?! She isn’t “Pocahontas!” She’s Tonto!

I think it will be difficult to win back the House majority with the Democreeps’ political platform!

Judge Curiel just flipped the bird to the Democreeps. Trump was wrong to disparage this Judge.

I wonder how many Democreeps will eschew their Trump tax cut and submit their 2018 tax return paying the Obama tax levels? I betting its ZERO! (Footnote)

Okay, it’s not a cartoon, but ya’ gotta’ love it!

We can argue about exactly who should be armed, but someone at every school should be prepared to take down a school “shooter” with a bullet to the brain (or heart, also negotiable).

Haven’t we had enough of Democreep jurists pretending to be legislators.

You do realize that some arguments make no sense at all. Guess which side of the argument that is.

Roy Filly

Footnote: Good video on taxation and thanks to FS for sending it to me – also reread my post:


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