Dear Readers,

If you have any faith whatsoever in me as a blogger, YOU MUST WATCH THIS VIDEO!!! The video is a full hour long. WATCH EVERY MINUTE OF IT!!!

My readers tend to be sophisticated and understand the principle of “economic disruption.” However, it is the time scale that is astounding in this presentation.

The impact discussed is on “clean” disruption. I am not showing this because of the environmental impact, although that is also good. The impact is economic – and I am talking about totally selfish personal economic interests.

And thanks to HP for sending this to me.

Roy Filly

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3 Responses to Disruption.

  1. How about the geopolitical impact? (I.e. will this benefit OUR nation, or will it benefit our ENEMIES?) Has that been taken into account?

  2. David L. Wood, MD, (ret.) says:

    I listened to the whole lecture full of predictions and assumptions. Here is a whole lot of reality between now and the lecturer’s predictions. First of all, the use of the word “disruption” carries a negative implication. “Innovation” is the positive concept of continual improvement in technology and the resulting improvement of standard of living. True, old technology becomes disrupted with new technology, yet the whole discussion of conversion to electric cars completely ignored the concept of individual personal wants and desires that are based upon experience and satisfaction plus personal control. Free-market forces will determine that. The lecturer totally dismissed the huge costs of the present ability of electricity generation for all his projected electric vehicles. That generation is based upon gas, oil, coal, hydro-electric and nuclear, all of which produce electricity around the clock; i.e., no need for “storage.” I do not accept the prediction of reduction of car numbers and reduced parking spaces. Need for car usage will not reduce the numbers of cars even if electric and autonomous. It will take a long time to replace the present convenient MILLIONS of petroleum-driven cars, trucks, trains, boats and ships and aircraft compared to the capricious predictions of one Tony Seba. He neglected to even mention the great reliability and capacity of nuclear generation of electricity.

    The surface space required for solar energy collection is enormous and, in my opinion, not practical to convert enough roof space and space in the desert to justify it all. Once installed, the small costs sound great, but the manufacturing and installation costs are huge. Also, conversion of the present US cities to solar will require almost astronomical costs in order to achieve what Mr. Seba suggests.

    Innovative improvement will continue and must, but the short time and direction predicted are not necessarily what this gentleman’s mathematical charts suggest.

    • Roy Filly says:

      Appreciate your thoughts. But according to the “time line” in his lecture it will be easy enough to see if we are on the “S-curve” or the linear pattern you postulate. Personally, I trust “self interest” above all else.

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