Climate modeling: What a joke.

The global warming alarmists love their climate models. Scientists have been making projections of future global warming using climate models of increasing complexity for the past four decades. These models employ atmospheric physics and biogeochemistry. Does that sound complicated? Good guess.

Therefore, one might also guess that the complexity may make these projections WRONG! The following video describes this complexity. The person explaining the implications of this complexity is a physicist and climate expert with superb credentials.

The global warming alarmists have their counter arguments lined up:

  • 97% of climate scientists agree (a claim that is patently false)
  • this scientist is not a “climate” scientist

The problem for them today, however, is that this video is about complexity in climate modeling. This expert certainly is more than qualified to discuss this aspect of “climate science.”

And thanks to ALF for sending this to me.

Roy Filly

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3 Responses to Climate modeling: What a joke.

  1. hpoppel says:

    OK but not very well done despite the great credentials of the narrator.
    He could have pointed out the relative proportions of H2O and CO2. I don’t have time to look this up but the ratio has many zeroes.
    He could also have elaborated on many other factors affecting climate such as sun variations, earth rotation and the like.

  2. David L. Wood, MD, (ret.) says:

    I have done extensive reading from the beginning of the so-called scientifically-claimed “global warming” and “global cooling” by man’s industrial activities; plus I have simply observed that the enormous volume of the earth’s atmosphere is so large that all the puny man’s output at once couldn’t alter the air content of even the uninhabited land masses let alone the vast amount over the oceans and poles. This all has convinced me that the so-called “global warming” alarmists have created a huge hoax. The whole argument made by hucksters such as Al Gore is to make money (and he certainly has done that at the expense of ignorant masses of people and ignorant politicians), but the politically-raised “carbon taxes” only increase the various government coffers yet do absolutely nothing to alter Mother Nature’s actual seasonal changes in climate (and continued changes since the earth formed). These experienced climate fluctuations are actually related to the effects of the earth’s sun and the attitudes of the earth’s rotation and her varying attitudes toward the sun. Still, earth’s volcanism must be taken into account.

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