One place your tax dollars go (down the drain).

Since our founding the United States government has done some unspeakable things to Native Americans. However, those things happened a long time ago.

Nonetheless, their is sufficient guilt about these historic episodes that our government has been trying to help Native Americans. How do they help them, ask you? Not very effectively but very expensively, answer I. Before I get to the specific subject of today’s post it is vital that you look over a previous post.

I recommend that you read the entire post, but at very least rapidly scroll through the list of government programs in the footnote designed to “help” Native Americans. Just take a “measure” of the length of the list and note the dollar amounts next to each program. I guarantee it will take less than 30 seconds to peruse the list. I do not recommend having breakfast first. If you do, have a bucket next to you before you begin.

Now let us turn our attention to just one Tribal Nation and one element of that massive spending – the Navajo Housing Authority (NHA). Importantly and admittedly, the NHA receives the largest share of taxpayer assistance for homebuilding than any other tribal entity in the nation. Also, I am virtually certain that this organization tries their best to help the Navajo people. The problem is that they do a really crapy job of it.

[Source: Report on the mismanagement by Navajo Housing Authority, by Senator John McCain and staff]

This new report released by Senator John McCain (R-AZ where the Navajo Nation resides) details the findings of a three month investigation into allegations that the NHA mismanaged federal housing grants provided by the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development.

Before we examine the report we need the following datum: the median price of a new house has risen to a record high of $345,800. Of course the record high was just reached. Ten years ago the median price of a new house was only $232,100. Now, let us look at the results over the past decade for the Navajo Housing Authority:

  • NHA received over $803 million in HUD-issued Indian Housing Block Grants
  • The NHA built a total of 1,110 homes over those 10 years
  • Average cost of each home = $723,000

When will we ever learn? I rest my case.

And thanks to BC for sending this to me.

Roy Filly


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