Finally, identity politics takes a hit.

I have written many times that the Democrat Party push toward identity politics was hurtful and dangerous to our nation. Almost unnoticed President Trump’s administration took a first step back toward “e pluribus unum.”

[Source: Trump Administration Strikes a Blow Against Identity Politics, by Mike Gonzalez]

Our last President (thank God he’s gone) proposed “a grouping” that makes no sense unless the purpose is to further divide the nation into ethnic identity groups. He proposed that that Census add a category for “Americans of Middle East and North African descent.”

The Trump administration’s Census Bureau announced their decision last Friday to stop this further slide into becoming a fractured republic. One more nail in the coffin of the Obama’s efforts to divide our nation.

Mr. Gonzalez makes a point that had never occurred to me. “The breakup of the country into government-created ethnic categories has been a negative byproduct of the civil rights era, and the opposite of the equality the 1964 Civil Rights Act itself set out to create. As one of the foremost historians of the period, University of California, San Diego professor John Skrentny, put in his book “The Minority Rights Revolution,” policymakers and bureaucrats:

carved out and gave official sanction to a new category of Americans: the minorities. Without much thought given to what they were doing, they created and legitimized for civil society a new discourse of race, group differences and rights. This new discourse mirrored racist talk by reinforcing the racial differences of certain ethnic groups.”

How perceptive of Professor Skrentny. However, my hatred for identity politics arises from the fact that the Democrat Party weaponized this notion for political gain. Their desire to hold power allowed them to rationalize a political philosophy that destroyed “e pluribus unum.” That simple phrase is a large stone in the foundation of our great nation.

Thank you President Trump for, at least, throwing a counter punch.

Roy Filly

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4 Responses to Finally, identity politics takes a hit.

  1. Flayer says:

    They are also trying to add certain chosen behaviors as a further subdivision of Americans, such as LGBTQWERTY.

  2. Roxanne A. says:

    Good news, and important point that identity politics is achieving political inequality. As noted by a commentator, cited by Ayn Rand in her lecture on Global Balkanization:

    “America is unique among states of the world in using the term “nation” to refer not to an ethnic group but to all who choose to become American.”

    Why is that, and what does that mean?$FILE/AR%20Global%20Balkanization%201977.pdf

  3. Starchild says:

    Nationalism is also a form of “identity politics”. Trying to unite people “as Americans” is as much a form of tribalism as trying to unite people as blacks, or as women, or as gays, or whatever. It excludes those not seen as part of the nation.

    So while Trump may have ridden a backlash against certain types of identity politics to power, he continues to be very much engaged in promoting another virulent and dangerous form of identity politics.

    Ayn Rand’s comment about the identity of America being unique in that it embraces “all who choose to become American” presumes that it is the individual, and not the government, making that choice.

    To the extent it is government that determines who does, and who does not, get to choose to be an American, the identity politics of American nationalism is not a uniting form of identity politics uniquely encompassing everyone, but an exclusionary form of identity politics no less divisive than other exclusionary forms of identity politics.

    • WRONG — if you choose to be an American you CANNOT be anything else, and if you choose not to identify as an American and nothing else, then you’re NOT an American and you DON’T BELONG HERE IN OUR NATION!

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