Democrats have short memories when it comes to Obama’s mistakes v Trump’s triumphs.

If you listen to Nancy Pelosi and Debbie Wasserman Schultz you would assume that the Trump tax cuts have been anathema to the average American. And they mean “anathema” in the Catholic Church sense of the word when used by a Pope or Council of the Church (a formal curse denouncing a doctrine).

[Source: Liberals Are Ripping Tax Reform Bonuses. But They Celebrated $40 Under Obama Tax Cut, by Fred Lucas]

Thanks to the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act, at least 270 companies have already announced wage and salary increases, bonuses, or 401(k) match increases, according to a list compiled by Americans for Tax Reform. These effect 3 million employees. Further, last week, Home Depot and Starbucks announced pay increases.

Pelosi scoffed at the recent bonuses calling them “crumbs,” “pathetic,” and “insignificant.” Wasserman Schultz tweeted, “I’m not sure that $1,000 … goes very [far] for almost anyone.” Wasserman Schultz went much further. She said, “if you look at the bonuses—which I haven’t heard of a corporate bonus more than $1,000 so far… which by the way is taxed, so it’s not $1,000. And then you spread $1,000 over the course of the year…”

Wow! It seems to me that I remember when these two women were praising a $40 dollar benefit concocted by the Obama administration. In late 2011, President Obama promoted the hashtag #40Dollars to get the word out about an extra $40 per month Americans would save in the temporary payroll tax cut. 

Obama had the temerity in 2011 to accuse House Republicans of wanting to let the payroll tax cut expire on Dec. 31. The White House website posted personal stories from Americans about how they were helped by $40 per month.

President Obama admonished Republicans that “failure to do this could have effects not just on families but on the economy as a whole. It’s not a game for the average family, who doesn’t have an extra ($40 per month) to lose… It’s not a game for the millions of Americans who will take a hit when the entire economy grows more slowly because these proposals aren’t extended.

And how about Pelosi? It appears she had a different view of a $40 crumb from her Party tweeting on Dec. 22, 2011: “Today’s agreement is a victory for the American people – they spoke out clearly & #40dollars each paycheck will make a difference.”

And how about Wasserman Schultz? In 2012, Wasserman Schultz said in a statement, after the extension of the payroll tax cut, “Today’s decision means that millions of American families will be able to continue to keep an additional $40 from every paycheck.”

Hmm! Do you see anything hypocritical in these Democrat leader’s statements?

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