If you ever needed proof that leftists are WRONG, take a look!

If you were to ask, Dr. Filly, where have the leftists made their greatest headway in entrenchment of their ideas, I would immediately answer, EDUCATION.

It is difficult to pick up a newspaper or listen to the evening news without hearing some change in our posture on K-12 education. While not all are offered by the left, those that have stuck have been left-wing notions.

Before you analyze the chart below one needs to ask themselves are few questions:

  1. Do you believe American students have less native intelligence than students of other nations?
  2. Do you believe that if we just “invest” more in education we will get better results?
  3. Do you believe that if we hired more staff our children’s educational performance would improve?
  4. Do you believe that the problem of test score performance is due to rising student enrollment?
  5. Do you believe that if we spent more “per-student” our results would improve?
  6. Think back and ask yourself when “the left” started their takeover of K-12 education.
  7. Who has the “school monopoly” – parents or the government or the “teachers” union?

[Source: The Global Version Of More Money =/= Better Education, by Daniel J. Mitchell]

OK. Now analyze this graph:

In my humble opinion this chart completely denies the positions of the left. Their INVARIABLE ANSWERS to every problem is we need to “plan (centrally) what MUST be done” then adequately FUND IT. When the results are negative, they respond “we needed MORE FUNDS.”

Am I wrong?

Let me be frank. Despite being a teacher for nearly a half century, I do not have “an answer.” However, it doesn’t take a statistician to see that we have been doing the WRONG thing. Let’s try “school choice.” Could the results possibly be any more dismal than what we have been doing for the past 5 decades?

Roy Filly

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4 Responses to If you ever needed proof that leftists are WRONG, take a look!

  1. Dick Toomey says:

    1. Eradicate the DOE. 2. Place public education under State jurisdiction. 3. Place school operations under local jurisdiction. 4.Place student operation under parent/teacher jurisdiction. 5. Place performance under student jurisdiction. Respectfully. D

  2. Flayer says:

    I would add thar we should eliminate all undergrad degrees in “education.” All teachers should obtain a degree in an academic subject then attend a year in teaches’ college. With the elimination of the teachers’ unions teachers could become “free agents” and schools could hire directly. If a high school needs a physics teacher the board can consider all qualified applicants, even those who worked in the field for many years but has not completed required “education” courses such as early childhood education. Also eliminate tenure. Why does a kindergarten teacher need tenure?

  3. Roxanne A. says:

    You are correct, Dr. Filly, education is the battleground where Western Civilisation and the Enlightenment ideas will win or lose.

    Close the teacher’s colleges. Learn about and promote many, if not all, of the ideas of Maria Montessori. Don’t think it’s well known that followers of John Dewey, the father of Progressive education, went after Montessori due to her methods promoting honing the senses, understanding reality, developing individual thought and judgment. Progressive education is explicitly against individualism and reason. They waged an intellectual campaign to discredit her and they were, largely, successful.

    It is the ideas of progressive education that have to be refuted, subverted with critical thinking skills. The government education bureaucrats will not voluntarily give up. It will take parents deciding to educate their own kids. Maybe an Internet Free America (like the old Radio Free Europe program) where alternate ideas of thought, Great Books programs, basic critical thinking skills can be taught to kids, sub rosa, underground.

    The Underground Railway worked to subvert slavery in the Civil War. We are all in a form of intellectual bondage to those hostile to individualism and freedom, because they are in control of much of what sets the ideas for our society. It’s time to go underground and teach children how to think. They will not learn in schools.

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