You can learn a lot from graphs.

Isn’t this sad? And the media lambasts Trump for saying he wants to “Make America Great Again!” It appears we need to support instead of denigrate Trump’s efforts. (Anyone want to bet that the “lame-stream media” deserves a lot of credit here?)

If you do not believe in the motto “It’s the economy stupid,” then how else can one explain that the Chinese top the list in “Trust in government?”

I guess I don’t understand the mentality of the Chinese people living under a repressive, authoritarian, Communist government. If my statement above is true that “It’s the economy stupid,” then why does “business” top their list of “broken” institutions. (NGOs come in second? How’s is that possible?)

Chinese may “love” their government, but NO ONE else wants to move to China. However, the “hateful, xenophobic,” good ol’ US of A appears to be the place to dream about living –  and not be a small margin.

As well, the Chinese living in China need to look at the “big red thing” on this particular graph. (And, by the by, how did Mongolia, of all places, manage to stay “green” in a sea of “red?”)

Roy Filly

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1 Response to You can learn a lot from graphs.

  1. Anne Malcolm says:

    I live in a town that is 80% Asian, a large majority of whom are from China. Although there are Chinese from Taiwan there are many from the mainland. Sadly, the mainland Chinese seem to expect and rely on government solutions for every problem. This concerns me that so many Chinese come here and want to import their love of authoritarianism and reliance on those at the top to solve all problems on their behalf. I also question any polls taken from countries that do not have a free press nor the freedom of and protections from criticizing the government. The government and press in China are one and the same so to compare them to the graph to the US is not really helpful. Thus some of the comparative graphs are misleading.

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