Thoughts for the day.

Thought #1:

The Democrats are already running on a platform to “Repeal the Trump Tax  Cuts.” The liberal rags are touting its “inevitability.” Frankly, I think this is a bigger miscalculation than Hillary not campaigning in Wisconsin. Liberals are calling the Trump Tax Cut a “publicity stunt.” If so, it’s a good one!

[Source:Trump Tax Cut Is Already Working, by Stephen Moore]

The tax bill isn’t even one month old and look what is already happening:

  • Walmart with more than 1 million workers plans to raise starting wages from $9 to $11 an hour and hand out employee bonuses ranging from $200 to $1,000
  • Fiat Chrysler plans to open a new plant (with 2,500 jobs) in Michigan
  • Jet Blue is offering a $1,000 bonuses to 21,000 employees.
  • Bank of America is paying $1,000 bonuses to 145,000 U.S. employees.
  • Aflac increased its 401(k) match from 50% to 100% on the first 4% of compensation plus one-time $500 contribution to every employee’s 401(k); $250 million increase overall.
  • More than a hundred companies have offered bonuses and benefit hikes to their workers
  • 1 million workers have benefited (not including Walmart) thus far

And remember, it’s only January! The Democreeps are misjudging this tax bill. They managed to use the only functional part of their Party, the media, to convince Americans that the tax bill was a bad deal for them and a good deal “for the rich” (do they know any other song?). But, unlike the lame-stream media and the Democrat leadership, PAYCHECKS don’t lie.

Thought #2:

High tax states like California and New York are sweating bullets because the new tax law scraps (to a large extent) the deduction for state income taxes. Instead of thinking about lowering taxes the governors of these states are trying… well, a “work-around:”

  • Some are examining whether they can convert their income taxes into payroll taxes (payroll taxes remain deductible)
  • Of course, liberals love to sue (their leadership is mostly lawyers) the federal government (as if this tax deduction were a constitutional right)
  • California and New York officials are investigating whether their states can convert income tax payments into tax-deductible charitable contributions to the state government (“A” for inventiveness)

Well, good luck with those ideas. I see failure in your futures.

Thought #3:

Liberals see no problem with taxing cigarettes, marijuana, sodas, or alcoholic beverages. Why is that, ask you? Because, answer I, they want us to consume less of these “bad” things and believe that taxing them is a “negative” incentive. However, it never seems to dawn on them that increasing taxes on virtuous activities — work, investment, starting a business or saving for retirement — is a negative incentive to do those, as well. Hmm!

When thinking of the Democreep plan of governance, it is worthwhile to remember the famous Reagan summation: If it movestax it. If it keeps moving, regulate it. And if it stops moving, subsidize it.” 

Thought #4:

[Source: A brief history of Presidential profanity, Rolling Stone]

I have to say something about the “sh*thole” controversy. Let me say at the outset that I do not approve of such language from anyone, let alone our President. However, he is not the first by any stretch of the imagination:

  • Abe Lincoln liked off color jokes: He loved to recount the tale of Ethan Allen seeing a portrait of George Washington in an outhouse in England after the Revolutionary War. His hosts were eager to see the reaction of their visitor, who laid them low when he said: “There is nothing to make an Englishman sh*t quicker than the sight of General George Washington.”
  • Saint Obama (he wasn’t a mere “president”) called Mitt Romney a “bullsh*tter.” In the audiobook version of his autobiography, Dreams From My Father, you can hear the future president say: “You know that guy ain’t sh*t. Sorry-*ss m*th*rf*ck*r ain’t got nothing on me.” (Mimicking Richard Pryor)
  • And who can forget Vice President Joe Biden stating: “This is a big f*cking deal” when the President signed Obamacare.
  • Vice President Richard Cheney reportedly told Vermont Senator Patrick Leahy to “go f*ck [himself].”
  • As for Richard Nixon, who can forget the (expletive deleted) about 1000 times in the transcripts of the Watergate tapes.

There are many more. It is said that Bess Truman tried for years to get Harry to say “horse manure” instead of… well, you know.

Dennis Prager summed it up nicely: “There are few filters between President Donald Trump’s mind and mouth. That is his appeal and his weakness. It is very common that a person’s strengths are also weaknesses. I wish Trump’s tweets and comments were as forthright — as un-P.C. — as they are now but stated in a sophisticated way. I also wish that cheesecake were not fattening. But just as cheesecake comes with sugar, Donald Trump comes with unsophisticated rhetoric. People are packages, not a la carte menus.”

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