Mishmash, but fun!

Some cartoons, some posters – all enjoyable.

When the media hates you, they will always find a way to defame you. Beware of polls that do not tell you the actual polling question.

The leftists believe in equality of outcomes. If an organization doesn’t have 50% women employees, 17.8% Hispanic, 13.3% black Americans, then the organization is racist or anti-feminist. If more than 13.3% of traffic stops are of black Americans, then the police are “profiling.” Literally, the liberal courts have used these percentages to prove bias. However, I have never heard of an ACLU suit targeting the “unfairness” and “bigotry” explaining that women are not being treated equally in incarceration rates, like one does about minority incarceration rates.

We should not build the Keystone XL and Dakota Access pipelines according to the leftists because they will contaminate our ground water. See below.

Rude? Crass? Indeed, he is. But he is accomplishing what he promised to do despite every Democrat and every No-Trumper and the “establishment” being lined up against him. It appears, however, that he understands exactly how to distract them from his real agenda.

Seriously!!! And do not fail to note the length of the list!!!

She’s hoping to resume a position as Speaker of the House following the midterm elections. God help us!

Have you heard Dick Durbin telling us that a border wall is TOO EXPENSIVE?

Do I need to explain the hypocrisy?


Roy Filly

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3 Responses to Mishmash, but fun!

  1. Anne Malcolm says:

    I think the NBA is racist and needs more diversity. And what’s with the 99%Vietnamese nail salons?

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