Don’t let government do it!

Even though it is a haven for leftists, I think we can agree that Los Angeles is a major urban center when viewed from anywhere in the world. They have a well established government (not my cup of tea, but, admittedly, well established). They have agency upon agency.

I frequently post that the private sector handles problems better than government agencies. The latest Los Angeles fiasco is a case in point.

[Source: How Los Angeles Socialized Recycling… And Ruined It, by Jazz Shaw]

I know there are cogent arguments on both sides of the recycling issue. However, I recycle and believe that overall recycling is a “good thing.” Los Angeles, like any major metropolis, has a lot of trash and recycling with which to deal. Generally, Angelenos were reasonably happy with trash collections and disposal. The City was clean.

[From the Shaw article] However, the municipal government took a look at the situation and decided that it simply wasn’t good enough. After years of planning, they came up with a scheme known as RecycLA which would “improve” the city’s green footprint, deal with recycling more efficiently and ensure that people working in that industry were all earning a “living wage” for their efforts. And they’d do it all while saving money in the process.

Does the phrase, “I’m from the government and I’m here to help” leap to anyone else’s mind?

As the Los Angeles Times reports, (not exactly a bastion of conservative free market thinking – RF) not long after the full launch of RecycleLA, things quickly turned into what could charitably be referred to as a dumpster fire.

RecycLA, which serves businesses and apartment and condo complexes, was in the planning stages for years but has had what a kind person might call a bumpy rollout.

Others have called it a disaster, a ripoff and a mess. One property manager I spoke to Tuesday had a thought as to who might be in charge.

This is just literally like the Three Stooges,” said Robert Kilian, who works for Cardinal Management Group and handles the business affairs of 22 homeowner associations in Los Angeles — most of which have had problems with late pickups or price hikes.

Kilian said the 12 homeowners in Hajibekyan’s building had been paying $389 a month for hauling, but that the new bill is more than double that — $825.

There have been reports of costs tripling and even quadrupling for other customers, due in part to added fees tacked on… when the trash and recycling were all handled by private companies in a competitive bidding system, recycling was picked up twice a week. Now they are waiting up to two weeks or even more for a pick-up. Trash is building up in the basements and parking garages of these properties like rat-infested mountains…

What could possibly have gone wrong, ask you? They were planning FOR YEARS.

[From the Shaw article] The Times reports that the city was faced with the choice of, “maintaining a level of competition among haulers, or they could award exclusive contracts to haulers for designated sectors of the city.” Which one do you think they went with?

Exactly how many times does government need to learn that lesson. The problem is that leftists NEVER LEARN THAT LESSON. They insist that “well planned” central control is Utopia! We citizens simply aren’t smart enough, we need to be led by the nose.

Roy Filly



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2 Responses to Don’t let government do it!

  1. David l. Wood says:

    Only under conditions of free-market capitalism will innovation and self-interest-continual improvements take place. Private businesses, both small and large. prove it continuously.

  2. Starchild says:

    It’s not just left-wingers who haven’t learned. Right-wingers are still supporting top-down, centrally planned government on everything from licensing to parks to schools to fire protection at the local level, and everything from trade to defense to drug use to immigration at the national level.

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