A couple useful graphs.

Time is short today so this will be abbreviated.

When one looks at the impediments to US business success and compare it with the Trump agenda, we see that he is a “stable genius.” (Also, if you watched the White House bipartisan meeting on immigration yesterday, you saw that Trump is in command and on target. Not a whiff of evidence of “instability,” “moronic” behavior, “racism,” “slurred” speech, “idiocy,” – I could go on, but I have made my point.)

Is it any wonder that officeholders, reporters, and lobbyists rank near the bottom of the list?

Roy Filly

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6 Responses to A couple useful graphs.

  1. Starchild says:

    No, not a whiff of racism in saying Haiti and other countries with black people are “shitholes” and that the U.S. should stop allowing migration from them, but start admitting people from Norway instead!

    • Roy Filly says:

      Why do you assume “black people.” Is Bangladesh populated with “black” people. I think I detect a “whiff of racism” in your comment.

      • Starchild says:

        As I’ve heard the story reported, the places Trump specifically mentioned in relation to his offensive “shithole countries” comment (which would be bad enough by itself being said by a sitting U.S. president in reference to ANY country) were Africa and Haiti. Most Africans, and most Haitians, are black. new…

        Not that Trump’s racism here is anything new:


        Any one, two, or three of the examples in the article above, taken in isolation, could perhaps be dismissed as aberrations – but in sum total, they paint a damning picture.

  2. Starchild says:

    The “new…” at the end of the first paragraph above was a typo.

  3. Starchild says:

    Also, not sure how Bangladesh figures into this, but while not technically black (as in “of African ethnicity”), most people from that country do have very dark skin.

  4. Flayer says:

    Everyone is omitting the rest of Trump’s sentence in which he asked why we couldn’t have more Asian immigration. But, typical of the media and Democrats to report in a dishonest way. And, Starbird, Please point to 10 countries you think are exemplary and 10that qualify as sh*tholes. I’ve been to most of them.

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