Black American unemployment.

Black Americans overwhelmingly vote for Democrats. Clinton had an 80-point advantage among blacks (88% to 8%) over Donald Trump. This mystifies me. The Democrat Party is only interested in Black Americans in the run up to elections. After that they need Black Americans to feel “oppressed” and “poor” so that they’ll come back to Democrats in the next election. They tell Blacks that a Republican will “trickle on them.”

Well, guess what? A republican won and and the economy he wrought is indeed “trickling down” on Black Americans. The United States of America began keeping statistics on Black unemployment in 1972. That alone is of some interest. The administration of Richard Nixon, a Republican and favorite whipping boy of Democrats, was the first to show some interest in Black American unemployment. And guess what party had been in power for the 40 years preceding 1972? No answer is required.

So get to the point, Dr. Filly, say you. Right you are. I digress.

[Source: Black unemployment rate hits all-time low, by John Nolte]

Black unemployment in December was 6.8%. Yes, that is higher than the overall unemployment rate of 4,1%, but it is also the LOWEST UNEMPLOYMENT RATE EVER RECORDED FOR BLACK AMERICANS. And average hourly earnings are up 2.5% when compared to last year. These are 45-year highs!

And despite the furor in the Democrat Party about “The Wall,” illegal immigrants have profound inpact on the hiring of unskilled labor and their hourly pay. The Trump administration’s crackdown on illegal immigration can only mean better wages and more job opportunities, especially for the unskilled, entry, or blue-collar worker.

Maybe the Black community will take notice in November.

Roy Filly


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