Regulation Nation – perhaps no more!

Our last president was “Regulator-in-chief.” Under Obama total federal regulatory costs swelled to an astounding $1.885 trillion per year. It’s hard for the average person to grasp big numbers. But let’s say you are a Canadian (sorry about that) and you awake to see that the morning headline reads: “GDP of Canada has sunk to ZERO!!!” That might get your attention. The sum of $1.885 trillion per year is greater than the GDP of Canada. (Only 8 nations in the world have a GDP larger than $1.885 trillion – the remaining 190 nations do not.)

But while the lame-stream media fretted over President Trump’s latest “Tweet” he has cut the federal regulatory burden in just a single year to levels that took President Reagan’s administration multiple years to achieve. A report by the libertarian Competitive Enterprise Institute (CEI) found the Trump administration cut the number of pages in the Federal Register 32 percent in the first nine months of this year. My friends, that’s YUGE!

[Source: With The Media Distracted, Trump Quietly Continues Slashing The Number Of Regulations, by Michael Bastasch]

This video will help you to understand the magnitude of growth of federal regulations (and this is only through mid 2013). Remember Obama had three more years of regulatory frenzy ahead of him.

You may think that as Mr. or Mrs. Average American you wouldn’t get in trouble because of a “regulation,” particularly an OBSCURE regulation. Ask Abner Schoenwetter if that is true. You would be well advised to read the post about Abner’s travails.

The Competitive Enterprise Institute Director of Technology said this: “President Trump compared to his predecessors is—so far—the least regulatory president of all.” The president signed an executive order asking federal agencies to cut two existing regulations for every new regulation proposed.

You remember Obama – who could forget! Mind you, President Trump’s administration has proposed new rules, but compared to Obama – “…Trump’s ‘significant’ proposed rules are drastically below any predecessor. They are down 77 percent compared to Obama. Trump: 65, Obama: 290,” the Competitive Enterprise Institute Director of Technology wrote.

And thanks to ALF for sending this to me.

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4 Responses to Regulation Nation – perhaps no more!

  1. Starchild says:

    I don’t see a link to the story about how the Trump administration has allegedly cut the number of pages in the federal register by 32%.

    I suspect that claim is misreporting the story and what actually happened is that they cut the number of ADDITIONAL pages being ADDED to the federal register by 32% (compared to how many pages were added under the Obama administration).

    If the number of pages in the ENTIRE federal register have been cut by 32%, that WOULD be huge. But I am very skeptical.

    • Roy Filly says:

      The article is referenced as the “Source.”

      • Starchild says:

        Thanks, Roy. The AEI piece is not super clearly worded, but I’m pretty sure it’s just talking about the number of pages of rules passed during the Trump administration being lower than under past presidents.

        Certainly it’s good that the pace of adding new regulations has slowed significantly and Trump deserves credit for that, but if you’re thinking that he cut the overall number of federal regulations, or number of pages they take up, by 32%, I think you’re reading it wrong.

        Cutting the *rate of increase* is of course a far cry from actual *cuts.* This should be old news to fiscally responsible folks – many media outlets have long been in the habit of falsely referring to “spending cuts” which are actually not cuts at all, but simply reductions in the rate at which spending had been *increasing*.

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