Politics in cartoon form.

We need more cartoons and less reality.

The best thing about this Happy New Year is that it isn’t January 1, 2017. Maybe the Democreeps will be “nice” and “cooperative” this year (and click this link to buy valuable swampland in Florida).

Everyone gets a trophy! What idiot thought that up and got it to be mainstream?

I seem to recall that when Bush cut taxes the Dems said all the same things and started a website to donate one’s tax return if you believed you didn’t deserve it and wanted the federal government to have it. I think when they took the website down two years later it had $56.17 in it.

The Dems are really good at political “slogans.” Too bad they’re no good at governing. But labeling supply-side economics as “trickle down” economics was Democrat sloganeering at its best. Wrong, of course, but brilliant!

Hmm! Good point!

Hmm! Another good point! (The East Coast is having a “bomb cyclone” – I grew up in frigid weather and never ever heard that phrase. Rest assured that the Global Warming Alarmists will tell their flock that it’s CO2’s fault.)

I suspect we will hear more about the “scientific discovery” of this “new element” this year – and it’s about time.

Think about it (it’s really quite good after you “get it”).

Roy Filly

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1 Response to Politics in cartoon form.

  1. David l. Wood says:

    HA! More Cleverness!

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