Are you getting a tax cut?

CBS News is not exactly a Trump or Republican cheer leader. As you can see below they are third out of ten in negative tone (91% negative) toward this administration (and by a mere 2 percentage points, otherwise they would be tied for first place).

CBS News took a look at three families to determine how the new tax law will impact them. Each household was distinctly different. They included a low-income single mother, two middle-income married educators, and married small business owners with three children  Each family was concerned about the tax bill and two thought the GOP plan definitely would increase their taxes.

Even Bernie Sanders had to admit that 91% of taxpayers would get tax relief. “Yeah, it is a very good thing,” Sanders said of the tax cut. “And that’s why we should’ve made the tax cuts for the middle class permanent.” Sanders went onto to say that after ten years, the middle class tax cuts would expire and then gave the statistics for post expiration. Why didn’t Bernie speak up during the debate? It is the Senate Rules that forced the GOP to “sunset” these provisions in the new code – not their desire. Otherwise they would have needed 60 votes (i.e., some Democrats – nota bene Bernie – would have had to vote “yes”).

I assure my readers that the middle class tax cuts will never see the “sunset provision.”

Roy Filly

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1 Response to Are you getting a tax cut?

  1. Edward Gazzano says:

    Remember the Bush tax cuts which were vehemently opposed by Pelosi as a “tax cut for the rich”? They too were “temporary” and due to expire in 10 years. Well guess what happened? Pelosi and her fellow Dems fought hard and succeeded in making the tax cuts permanent, arguing that to let them expire would mean a big tax increase for the middle class.

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