The MSM hates Trump. Here’s the proof.

For the moment, let’s put fake news and the way the media treats “retractions” aside. There’s no getting around it, the lame-stream media HATES TRUMP!

[Source: The Numbers That Prove How Much the Mainstream Media Hate Trump, by Tony Perkins]

The media assault on Donald Trump has been something to behold and it began before he even got the nomination from the Republican Party. I guess that fact proves two things: 1. The media hates Trump; and 2. The media is not as powerful as it thinks! Trump is President and none of his Republican contenders or Hillary Clinton are.

The Media Research Center’s data proves that there has never been anything to match the animosity of… well, let’s call them “journalists” toward our President. Since the beginning of his first year as President media negativity was at a remarkable 89 percent.

Here is the latest from the Media Research Center: “Our latest numbers show that coverage of Trump on the ABC, CBS and NBC evening newscasts in September, October and November was more than 90 percent negative (our methodology counts only explicitly evaluative statements from reporters or non-partisan sources),” the Media Research Center explains. “In September, there were just 31 pro-Trump statements on the Big Three vs. 359 negative. In October, the number of positive statements grew to 41, while the negative statements swelled to 435.”

This is unbridled HOSTILITY. Has it abated one iota? “Add it all up,” the Media Research Center reports, “and coverage of Trump has been 91 percent negative during the past three months. Our study of news in June, July and August found an identical rate of 91 percent negative, which means TV news is unchanged in its hostility toward the president.”

And, if you can believe it, even former Democreep president Jimmy Carter agrees: “I think the media have been harder on Trump than any other president certainly that I’ve known about,” he told The New York Times. “I think they feel free to claim that Trump is mentally deranged and everything else without hesitation.”

I am willing to admit that President Trump is not a smooth talking politician and I could do without the “tweet wars,” but I challenge anyone to show me a single right that women, the poor, black Americans, Muslim Americans, or Hispanic Americans had before Trump became President that they do not have today.

Compared to the media treatment of Saint Obama (truly the worst president in the history of the Republic) it is no wonder that Trump supporters have simply “turned off” when it comes to media criticism.

Roy Filly



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1 Response to The MSM hates Trump. Here’s the proof.

  1. David l. Wood says:

    It is indeed bordering on the horrifying to observe the deep and vile negative verbal assaults and willfully erroneous claims regarding our duly-elected President Trump. To call him an imbecile and dumb when he has an IQ of 156 is ludicrous and imbecilic in and of itself. This amounts to an immense ingratitude for the true aspects of our republic government. The hatred they pour forth is truly unprecedented, and it is not appreciated by the millions of patriotic Americans who voted for Donald Trump. The scourge of socialism has certainly penetrated our nation and the Democrat Party to a disturbing degree. Socialism most certainly destroys rational thinking and respect and is the major factor in the hurtful divisiveness in the United States today.

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