“Fake news” retractions. Did you know this?

If you are a conservative you are well aware of the barrage of “fake news” accusations against President Trump. Scarcely a day goes by without some retraction or “modification” of a “news” story defaming our President.

However, have you given any thought to the amount of time major news outlets spend pitching the fake news story versus the time they spend on their “retraction.” If not you’ll be surprised by the following.

Let’s take a look at just one story. CNN ran an “explosive story” wherein they said Donald Trump and members of his campaign’s inner circle got an email (from Michael Erickson) who gave them a decryption key to the trove of emails that had been hacked from the DNC. The “smoking gun” was that the Erickson email was received by the Trump campaign on September 4, 2016, that is well before they were made public on Wikileaks. That would have indicated that the Trump campaign was given access before the American public saw them by more than one week. But, as it turned out, the “reporter” was so anxious to “nail Trump” that he failed to notice that the actual date on the email was September 14 – not September 4. All of those files had been made public the day before. And, by the by, those emails were never said to be forged – they were in fact entirely accurate about the nasty DNC shenanigans.

[Source: CNN Gave 27 Times More Coverage To Its Total Crap Trump-Wikileaks Story Than Its Retraction, by Matt Vespa]

Then the Wall Street Journal and the Washington Post (mirabili dictu) noted the error and CNN had to eat crow yet again. But here is the thing that rankles me even more. CNN gave 27x more coverage to the erroneous story than they did to the retraction.

The bogus story was broadcast nineteen times in five hours – essentially four times an hour. After that, the retraction was mentioned only once. In all, from the start of their focus on this “fake news” story until their brief retraction, 30 percent of the network’s on-air reports were devoted to this piece of fake news, whereas only one percent was devoted to its retraction.

One must wonder how many Americans heard the “fake news” versus how many heard the “retraction.” At a ratio of 27 to 1, it is no wonder many Americans have an erroneous impression of our President.

Roy Filly


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2 Responses to “Fake news” retractions. Did you know this?

  1. David l. Wood says:

    The 27 to 1 ratio of fake news to retraction parallels the fraudulent intent of the CNN and others perpetrating their hatred for and desire to bring down our duly-elected President Trump. It is unprecedentedly rotten.

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