Jones v Moore. How it happened.

First, I do not condone sexual misbehavior (or worse) which was a major factor in the election outcome. I have misgivings that accusation appears to be sufficient to condemn these days, but must admit that the accusers seemed quite credible in this case. The breakdown of voters in the Alabama senatorial election is interesting (and predictable).

While the breakdown is not unexpected, I cannot fathom why black Americans (96% voted for the Democrat) do not see that the Democrat Party is only interested in them during elections (footnote).

Roy Filly


I have written several posts in the past that outline the absurdity of black Americans’ devotion to the Democrat Party.

The most poignant of these was the last in which Elbert Guillory, a black State Senator from Louisiana, tells us why he became a Republican. I highly recommend watching his video.

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2 Responses to Jones v Moore. How it happened.

  1. David l. Wood says:

    The timing of those allegations against Roy Moore is exceedingly questionable. My unanswered question is, “How much were those women paid to come out “now” instead of during Moore’s earlier elections?” It appears in the present societal setting that accusations (when egregious) are certainly to believed in spite of no true investigation for corroboration.

  2. Anne Malcolm says:

    These allegations never make it into court for the very reason that they could never be proven. And in the court of public opinion and the media, the accused is forced to prove a negative, that he is innocent. Men are being fired, giving up elected offices, and now, committing suicide because they are “under a cloud” of allegations. In the cases that are provable or admitted, or a pattern of behavior can be established over many years, then good riddance. But we always used to say that we must protect innocence even if a few guilty get away. Now it is the opposite. We are entering into a very dangerous legal precedent that is negating all our civil rights protections.

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