Politics in cartoon form.

Donald Trump is about to negotiate an agreement on DACA aliens (Deferred Action on Childhood Arrivals or so-called “Dreamers”). Trump wants “The Wall” as a compromise to allow them to stay. The Democreeps say “OK” as long as they can design The Wall. And, by the by, did you ever wonder why, when it comes to illegal aliens, it is the lawbreakers that Democrats believe should have empathy on their side.

CNN has had to retract a boatload of “news” items. Don’t you wonder about their “anonymous sources?” See below.

The poor Democrats. they have had to switch from “collusion” to “obstruction of justice.” When that fails, they’ll switch to something else!

I happen to live by the “sea.” I have been walking along the shore for the past 26 years – i.e., the height of “global warming” and scare mongering about the “seas rising.” One would think that over 26 years I might have noted some evidence that the “seas are rising” (not to brag, but I made my career in academia because I was a careful observer). I have not noticed even a LITTLE BIT!

The recent revelations about the members of the Mueller Team are disturbing, to say the least. Even the Washington Post (Pravda on the Potomac) is concerned. Our President is doomed!

Want to reduce the deficit? Let the government shutdown go forward. No one ever notices!

Trump’s announcement that he will move the US Embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem is causing concern that the Peace Process may be harmed. Seriously, to what “peace process” are the Palestinians referring?

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