The Logan Act – more fake news.

Dear Readers,

A friend and reader (HP) wrote the missive below. It is remarkable that the “lamestream” media doesn’t do its homework. The claims that President Trump violated the Logan Act are, as the President would tweet, FAKE NEWS. The Logan Act was passed to prevent private citizens from negotiating with foreign governments. It was never meant to prohibit members of the federal government from such negotiations.

Here are just two examples of the fake news (but they are from National Public Radio and the Washington Post – organizations that should know better):

George Logan‘s unauthorized negotiations with France in 1798 was the impetus for the Act. It was signed into law by President John Adams on January 30, 1799 – more than 2 centuries ago. No American citizen has ever been convicted of violation the Logan Act, let alone a president.

Indeed, there is a very detailed document that defines what members of a presidential TRANSITION TEAM are permitted to do. It is entitled the Presidential Transition Guide. (You can download the entire document with a simple click.) HP took the time to look at it.

Thanks again, HP for letting me post this.

Roy Filly

From HP:

Ty Cobb, a Trump lawyer, stated a day or two ago that interaction with foreign leaders is a legitimate activity for a President-elect and his minions—i.e. “the Presidential Transition Team” and is exempt from the archaic Logan Act.

It took me less than fifteen minutes of searching the official “Presidential Transition Guide” to find there are at least 4 references (below) clearly supporting Cobb.

One wonders whether any MSM reporter who has brandished the Logan Law threat has bothered to do the same.


Page 13:

The transition team will need to find ways to manage and organize the tremendous amount of information that will be offered the day after the election. This includes job applications, suggestions for potential appointees, and queries and messages from governors, mayors, members of Congress, well-wishers and foreign leaders

Page 16

Just as important as understanding the president-elect’s work style is understanding how long the candidate will be working per day during the transition period. The principal’s availability will dictate the time allocated to the most critical strategic objectives and how time is divided up among issues such as appointments and personnel, calls with foreign leaders, congressional affairs, policy and intelligence briefings. There will never be enough time for every part of the transition team to get the attention it wants, so this can act as a mechanism to force the transition and president-elect’s staff to think about what is most important and what needs the most attention

Page 166:

A good portion of the president-elect’s time between the election and the inauguration will be taken up by…communications with foreign dignitaries, outreach to other branches of government, major political figures and personnel announcements

Page 179:

Coordinate outreach to and interaction with major stakeholders—including foreign dignitaries, other branches of government and major political figures—



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