Ever wondered?

Have you ever wondered why I chose the name “Rugged Individualist?” Ever wondered why I took the time to write 2250 posts? The answer is simple.

And thanks to JM for sending this poster to me.

Roy Filly


About Roy Filly

Please read my first blog in which I describe myself and my goals.
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2 Responses to Ever wondered?

  1. Edward Gazzano says:

    The Federal poverty level is defined as a family of four making $24,000 per year. When I ask my liberal friends why would someone making $24,000 a year choose to have a family of four, they look at me like I am some kind of cold hearted, mean person.

  2. David l. Wood says:

    It seems easy to me to recognize that the ‘liberal’ ideology of political-correctness reversal of rational and honest thinking completely numbs sensitivity for other people, numbs appreciation of commonsensible and discriminating thinking, inspires anger at any other possible point of view and even destroys sense of humor.

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