Politics in cartoon form.

Now that’s a bumper sticker with which I may actually deface my car.

Poor Hillary! Why is it that I cannot find it within me to FEEL SORRY FOR HER.

There are plenty of RINOs (not my favorite appellation). However, I think McCain, Murkowski and Collins are deserving! As William Kristol phrased it they “McCain, McSaw and McConquered.” And we lost.

The Dems are really lost. They came up with their new campaign slogan: A Better Deal. They can’t even be original. The phrase harkens to FDR’s “New Deal” and Truman’s “Square Deal.” I guess they are enamored with the word “deal.” Too bad they can’t DEAL with the Republicans – only Resist.

Ouch! The cartoon below hits home!

I am sick of the “Russia” story. It is an insult that Washington thinks anything Russia did influenced my vote!

But the Dems will keep pushing the story.

Roy Filly


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