God, it’s hard to be a Republican!

July 18, 2017 was a difficult day for me. I have lost confidence in the ability of the Republican Party to accomplish anything. I did x-rays (I’m a radiologist) on all Republican Senators to see if, as a group, they could come up with 7 cervical, 12 thoracic, 5 lumbar, 5 sacral, and (4) coccygeal vertebrae – i.e., the makings of a single spine. They couldn’t.

This is the 2245th post of The Rugged Individualist. That took a great deal of effort. I strongly considered making this my very last post when I learned that:

  • The Republican Senate cannot pass a repeal and replace bill for Obamacare (after 7 years of promising us that they would and after being given control of the House, Senate, and Presidency)(Footnote)
  • The Republican Senate cannot pass a straight repeal of Obamacare (after they all voted for it in 2015 when they knew their votes didn’t matter)
  • They are trying to stop any floor vote on repeal so that they do not actually have to cast a vote which will be recorded for all posterity
  • And last but not least, the California legislature (I live in California) passed a “Cap and Trade” Bill. But, the kicker is that 6 Republicans crossed over in support of the bill.

I took the time to go back and read my very first post (October 15, 2010). I said this: “I hate it when someone defines themselves as a Republican or Democrat or as a liberal or conservative. I will state that I vote Republican, but only because I believe that the Republican Party is our last best hope to turn America around. That may change if the Republican Party does not take the opportunity to return to American founding principles.

So, they talked a “big game.” But, that appears to be the extent of their abilities. And in a battle of “talking a big game” the Democrats will eat them alive!

Here are my predictions. We will: 1. End up with Obamacare. 2. The Republicans will help to “fix” Obamacare which means they will vote with Democrats to bail out health insurers. 3. If anything “bad” happens due to this fiasco the Democrats will successfully blame it on the Republicans. 4) But before any of that begins the Democrats and the left-wing-media are going to kick the Republicans bloody while they’re down – start by reading the opinions in the Washington Post today. Oh well, they deserve it!

And, by the by, I decided not to quit posting for two reasons. Reason 1: My son who originally convinced me that I had something to say and set up The Rugged Individualist website for me as a birthday gift said that it was time for me to “double down” rather than quit. And Reason 2: One of my very best former coworkers commented on yesterday’s post: “Thank you, Roy! I always learn something from you. You are amazing!” As someone who spent 40-plus years as a teacher, that had a profound impact.

These are people I cannot let down. So you’re still stuck with me for a while longer.

Roy Filly




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11 Responses to God, it’s hard to be a Republican!

  1. Michael Burton says:

    This is just one small battle in what is going to have to be a long term fight to fix our country and our government and get it back on a more sound fiscal, political, democratic, constitutional and moral basis. Just 8 years ago we saw a 59 seat Democratic Senate, a Democratic White House, and a 257 seat Democratic House. We have reversed this to get to where we are today, but we still have a long way to go. We must continue to fight on as best we can with the Republican Senate, House, and President we have because the alternative is to throw our hands up and give up. I refuse to ever give up on the last, best hope for this world until He comes again. “If you can’t make them see the light, make them feel the heat.” – Ronald Reagan

  2. Judy Brooks says:

    Don’t quit! I like to read what you have to say.

  3. Bill Grisham CPA says:

    Let me know when you have gotten as sick of the Republicans and the Democrats as I did in the 1980s. There is barely a dime’s worth of difference between those major parties, but what they have in common is an undying attempt to ignore the Constitution and expand their control over “We The People” through whatever excuse the people will acquiesce to. I’m a Libertarian for a good Reason and that reason is a true belief in Liberty and Limited Government. Modern Conservatives and Liberals don’t get it because they are both enamored with their own power and benefits built on the backs of the citizens and taxpayers. I am not the least bit sympathetic to Ray-gun followers either because his administration created the Asset Forfeiture system which basically destroyed our ownership of any property with any due process defense process completely set aside and ignored.
    Wake up folks, warnings have been given and ignored:
    β€œHe that would make his own liberty secure must guard even his enemy from oppression; for if he violates this duty he establishes a precedent that will reach to himself.” (1776) Common Sense – Thomas Paine

  4. Dick Toomey says:

    Roy, I agree that you should keep up the fight. But I must say that I long ago disassociated myself from the GOP, per se. If the GOP performance in the Trump era hasn’t once and for all revealed its inbred infidelity, nothing will — we will never elect people that impede the rampage of the Federal Government. There has to be a structural change — and that’s why I’m persuaded that the Convention of States project under Article V is the only mechanism (given to us by the Founders) that can rein in the abuse of Washington power. I hope you will study COS and give it your support.
    The Convention of States application wants 3 things: 1. to put fiscal restraints on the Fed; 2. to limit the scope, power and jurisdiction of the Fed; 3. To impose term limits on elected officials (including Supreme Court Justices). The Washington GOP didn’t — and still doesn’t — want Trump. The GOP and DEMS — both — are working feverishly to protect their Club. Join this fight, Roy. D

  5. jbm says:

    Roy A Filly for President!!!!

    YOU are why America is better place! You will never give up!

    THANK YOU for educating and sharing all of your profound knowledge, expertise, LOVE, passion & compassion with the whole world !!

    I am forever a changed person to have been so fortunate to have been graced by your presence and a lifetime student

    It’s unfortunate that so many are numb, brainwashed or just incapable of seeing things as we do


  6. Mary Ellen E Peterson says:

    Please don’t bail now. Two more conservatives (my husband and I) just moved to Palm Desert from Utah. Granted we went from the bluest part of a red state to the red-est part of a blue state but I enjoy your posts.

    A newly retired (40 year) sonographer,

    Mary Ellen, RDMS

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  9. Flayer says:

    Please do not quit! I love your writing and learn so much.
    Don’t despair about the Repubs taking their time. We were critical of the Dems for marching in lock-step without reading Obamacare and voting blindly to support it. It took until the end of December to get the bill. Our side is taking a detailed interest in the replace bills. Yes, they are picking it apart as they should! We can take care of the hypocrites Murkowski and others who voted to repeal when it didn’t matter but won’t vote for it now when it does. We’ll get it done because we must. And we must get it done correctly because we will not be given any passes on the results. Or if we do not get it done then the Dems will have to come to the table when Obamacare crashes and burns. Perhaps this is McConnell’s plan anyway. Let the Democrat law inflict more pain to show the public what they got with Obama.

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