You can learn a lot from graphs.

I could have entitled this post, Demographics is Destiny. If when you think of the US population the phrase “of European decent” comes to mind it won’t be long before you are wrong. This is why I strongly believe that America should protect minorities. As a “European American” I will soon be a member of a “minority” and there is no changing that.

NB, there is not a single European nation that even makes the list. If European nations increase their population it will only be because of immigration from Africa and Asia.

While the USA will remain an economic superpower, our impact will diminish. In another 20 years this graph will be much more dramatic – and not because of a resurgence of the EU and the USA.

Let’s switch gears and look at some stark divisions in our nation. Democrats and Republicans are definitely on “different pages” these days.

In my wildest imaginings growing up in the USA would I have ever predicted that our free press, our colleges, and our universities would be viewed as negatively effecting our great nation AND THAT I WOULD AGREE.

Roy Filly


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