Politics in cartoon form.

President Trump claims he doesn’t draw “red lines.” I’m not sure that Bashar al-Assad agrees with him.

No comment is necessary. This cartoon says it all. Sometimes I wonder why I’m a Republican.

If one is looking for “bad actors” in all of these federal investigations, one need look no further than Hillary and Loretta.

The evidence is in. The jury has issued its verdict.

Obamacare is dead whether or not the Republicans can develop a backbone.

How many of you agree with me that the news media HAS LOST IT?!?!

And, finally… Amen to this!!!!

Roy Filly


About Roy Filly

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3 Responses to Politics in cartoon form.

  1. David l. Wood says:

    Oh, how cogent!

  2. Anne Malcolm says:

    I hope I’m not “cutting off my nose to spite my face,” as my mother would tell me but every time I receive a request for donations to or renewal of my membership in the RNC I always respond, “Not until Obamacare is repealed.”

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