When the Senate wrote its rules…

Remember when we used to have a majority party and the minority party referred to itself as the “loyal opposition?” Those days are gone. The Democrat Party under Senate Minority Leader, Chuck Schumer, is anything but “loyal” – but they are definitely the OPPOSITION.

Employing Senate rules, a mere 1500 page document, Senator Schumer has made it virtually impossible for President Trump to fill vacancies in his administration. At the current pace and employing Senate rules to thwart the President, it is within the realm of possibility that President Trump’s 4-year term will be insufficient to seat his administration.

If you have been following the news (and my readers are largely avid news followers) you are aware that the Democrat minority in the Senate is slow walking EVERY nomination, no matter how trivial the appointment may be, through confirmation. I do not believe this is what the Senate had in mind when they wrote their “rules.”

[Source: WSJ Editorial: “Running the Schumer Blockade”]

The Schumer Plan:

  • Demand cloture filings for every nominee (a procedure for ending a debate and taking a vote).
  • To end cloture requires a two-day waiting period and then another 30 hours of debate.
  • The cloture rule allows the minority to halt other business during the 30-hour debate period (the GOP policy and oversight agenda is further slowed by this “rule”).
  • Although the “nuclear option” instituted by Harry Reid should make judicial appointments easier, Schumer and friends are using something called the “blue slip.” (A blue slip is an opinion written by the Senator from the state where a federal judicial nominee resides – favorable or unfavorable. Minnesota’s Al Franken and Amy Klobuchar are holding nominees hostage by this method.)
  • Democrat Senators are invoking an obscure rule that prohibits committees from doing business more than two hours after the Senate opens for the day.

Schumer is a jerk, but sadly, not a STUPID jerk. He is effectively sabotaging a Presidency. He must know that the Republicans, if ever in the opposing position, will do exactly the same things to a Democrat President – which allows me to approach profundity with this question. If the Democrats believe our government can function without all of these appointees, then why do we need need them in the first place? I see the potential for LOTS OF SAVINGS!

And thanks to HP for sending this to me.

Roy Filly


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One Response to When the Senate wrote its rules…

  1. Flayer says:

    Trump himself has asked of the open positions, “What to they do, anyway?” He will do more with less. As an aside, Senate rules can be amended easily by a majority. And Trump can hire “czars” as did Obama in record numbers.

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