Mexico. The “Wall” and “The War.”

The media has lost track of their hated for “The Wall” – they have “discovered” many other things to hate about President Trump. However, I found the information below to be quite enlightening in view of the media’s current favorite subject – Russian interference with the 2016 election.

[Sources: The New Mexican War, by Diplomad 2.0, and Obama’s Meddling in Foreign Elections: Six Examples, by Steve Baldwin]

It took me a while to find out who “Diplomad 2.0” was. It turns out he is a credible expert. His name is Lewis Amselem and he is a retired Senior U.S. Foreign Service Officer whose principle position was US Deputy Permanent Representative to the Organization of American States (OAS). So, at least his observations were “first hand.” I will borrow liberally from his post entitled, The New Mexican War.

Did Russia try to interfere with our election and that of other nations. Of course. It’s their job! Although “meddling” in other’s elections is a violation of international law, it is common practice and undeterred by the 1965 United Nations General Assembly resolution stating: “No State has the right to intervene, directly or indirectly, for any reason whatever, in the internal affairs of any other State.” Even our own laws prohibit the use of tax dollars to influence foreign elections.

Nonetheless, did Obama try to influence the Brexit election. Of course. From his perspective, it was his job. As a U.S. Senator, Obama illegally used a taxpayer-financed trip to campaign for far-left presidential candidate Raila Odinga in Kenya’s 2006 elections. I care that he used taxpayer money to travel, but expect him to “campaign” for “far left” candidates. It’s his job. During Israel’s 2015 elections, the Obama administration — led by Secretary of State John Kerry — illegally intervened when they attempted to defeat the reelection of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu by covertly funneling State Department grants to opposition groups. OK. I don’t like that it was actually “our money,” but again… he thought it was his job.

Let’s get back to Mexico. Have you ever read a single media report regarding the threat posed by Mexico to the United States? I haven’t until now.

According to Mr. Amselem the threat from Mexico is multi-faceted and persistent, and forms a long-established core component of Mexico’s foreign policy. What? Wait…

[From the Diplomad 2.0 (Amselem) article] … I have long considered Mexico a major threat to America. I have dealt with Mexican diplomats at the UN, the OAS, and in Central and South America. They are first-rate. They are patriotic, well-trained, dedicated, and hard-working. They, almost to a man and a woman, are also possessed with a deep, deep animus towards the United States. At the UN and the OAS, for example, Mexico, in my experience, played the role of opponent to whatever we sought to do. They not only consistently voted against us, they collaborated with our opponents on resolutions and projects antithetical to our interests… They rarely passed on an opportunity to stick it in our eye.

If you were around in the 1960s and 1970s and old enough to be aware of US interests that were opposed by communist guerrilla groups in Central America you will be interested in the following. I was around back then but was unaware that Mexico had a major role in fostering these groups and only backed off when some of the groups began operating in Mexico. Further, Mexico is feared and resented throughout Central America as a bully and for its mistreatment of Central American migrants.

[From the Diplomad 2.0 (Amselem) article] … Is there foreign interference in our elections? You bet. The biggest offender? Not Russia, but Mexico. Mexican officials publicly called on Mexicans in the US to oppose Trump; Mexico’s over fifty–yes, fifty–consulates in the US (here) are hot beds of political activity and activism. Millions of illegal and legal aliens largely from Mexico and Central America vote, yes vote. We need to have an in-depth investigation into Mexico’s interference in our elections, an interference that goes well beyond revealing embarrassing DNC texts…

That interference in our politics has not ceased since the elections. It, in fact, has increased. Some years ago, I mentioned to a senior colleague in the Bureau of Western Hemisphere Affairs at State, my concern over the openly political activity engaged in by Mexico’s consulates and diplomatic personnel in the U.S. She acknowledged it was a problem but not one anybody wanted to take up. Well, it is now at a stage when it must be taken up. If the Trump administration is serious about protecting our borders and sovereignty the time has come for tough action on Mexico.

Let’s take a look:

  • The Wall Street Journal reported that Mexican officials, including their diplomats in the US, are seeking to “jam” US courts with contested deportations.
  • The Mexican government has set aside millions of dollars to help illegal Mexican migrants in the US fight efforts to deport them.
  • They are demanding that we prove that deportees are Mexican citizens before Mexico will accept them (i.e., they want us to provide the documentation that Mexico failed to provide its own citizens).
  • Mexican officials are holding meetings in Arizona with US politicians warning them about the harm to US-Mexico relations if illegal aliens are deported or prevented from coming to the US.
  • Mexican officials are openly encouraging activists to block deportations.

And thanks to JM for sending this to me.

Roy Filly



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2 Responses to Mexico. The “Wall” and “The War.”

  1. Starchild says:

    Interesting information in this post, Roy. Your examples of Obama’s electioneering for left-leaning candidates overseas, and the Mexican government’s anti-Trump lobbying in the United States, do indeed raise questions about whether the media’s focus on alleged Russian interference in the U.S. 2016 elections is fair. Perhaps everyone should just accept that individuals, and governments, are naturally going to seek to influence politics and outcomes in other jurisdictions when they care about those politics and outcomes, and not get all bent out of shape about the “interference” of “foreigners” in “our” affairs.

    If on the other hand you say that it is time for “tough action” on Mexico for its government’s political activities in the U.S., it’s pretty hard to simultaneously argue that the Trump campaign’s evident willingness to accept the Putin regime’s help in winning the election doesn’t also call for “tough action” against those involved in the scandal.

    • Roy Filly says:

      Although I didn’t “say it” in the post, my point is that self interest drives all national (and human) motivation. So, “America First” is good policy in my opinion.

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