The Obama Phone boondoggle.

It is always worthwhile, as Americans evaluate our new president, to walk down memory lane and remember our last president. President Obama liked to expand the federal government and entitlements.

Food and shelter are things that every American who has fallen on hard times should have. But do they really need cellphones? The Obama Phone was sold as a “lifeline.” The Obama Phone program gives low-income Americans free cell phones, voice minutes and texting. And now, with new rules in place since 12/2/16 (he sneaked those in at the last moment), most companies include hundreds of megabytes of mobile internet data usage!

[Source: Obamaphone Fraud as High as 65%, by Luke Rosiak]

In a federal bureaucratic system that is notorious for waste, fraud and abuse few programs can match the Obama Phone in the race to the top of the fraud list:

  • undercover investigators applied for free government phones using criteria that should have been rejected – 65% of requests were approved.
  • after basic eligibility checks were instituted, the cellphones-for-the-poor program shrunk by a third, from $2.2 billion to $1.5 billion
  • the addition of meager but previously absent anti-fraud measures, monthly payments dropped $40 million.
  • in Georgia, the percentage who appear to have lied about their SSI status to attain benefits is 79 percent
  • the national rate of 64.5 percent is three times higher than the next-highest fraud-ridden federal program, the earned income tax credit, at 24 percent

So if one takes the programs that were instituted by President Obama that actually bear his “name” (Obama Care and Obama Phone) one has a massive failure and a massive fraud. Too bad the “stimulus” didn’t acquire his name (Obama-Stim) or his foreign policy (The Obama-lead-from-behind doctrine). It could have been a clean sweep for the most failed policies in 100 years.

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2 Responses to The Obama Phone boondoggle.

  1. David L. Wood M.D. says:

    So, what else is new?

  2. David l. Wood says:

    The “Obama-phone” fraud is a classic example of illogical and criminal use of coercively-obtained other people’s money for personal-political gain.

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